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Bandai DX Chogokin 1/48 VF-1


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22 minutes ago, sixtybucks said:

Is Kurama Toys reliable? I've never placed an order with them. I never had a problem with BiJ but Kurama came in first... wondering what to do

I have ordered from them, I got my stuff.  They are a bit slow when it comes to sending stuff out but you will get it.


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17 minutes ago, vlenhoff said:

I just hope NIN NIN delivers my Roy.

Gonna be a long wait to see if they come through for us...

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16 minutes ago, Sanity is Optional said:

Yeah, at this point I've ended up with both a YF-29 and a VF-1S Roy pre-ordered with Nin-Nin (at MSRP). Hope there's no shenannigans.

When is the release date for the '29?

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Can't wait to get the Roy in Nov. Then the long wait for the TV super set to arrive by ferry in Feb 2021. This hobby require a lot of patient.

Kaki will be release in about 4 weeks, anyone on the same boat as me, hoping to get one on release day? I hope AJ will have some for about $250 shipped. Max is stable at 22000 yen, so I hope Kaki will not be too hard to get.

With Bandai's TV/Movie left right punch, it will be a long when we can see a full squadron. 

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1 minute ago, myk said:

Not me, I'm just in this for Roy...

I am in the "get them while you can" phase. Since I missed out on a lot of old releases (just started collecting toy last year).

These are in high demand, so if I change my mind (ie ditching all movie releases), I should be able to find a buyer without much trouble.

I also can't wait for the DX YF-21, that will complete the M-plus set (unless VF-11 is on the making).

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