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Bandai DX Chogokin 1/48 VF-1


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Just now, chyll2 said:

Nin nin wont let me cart the item til it get sold out

added to cart only for it to tell me its no longer available :(

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1 minute ago, peter said:

AJ already started at 35,000 yen

That's all third party sellers' prices.  As we get closer to release date, you can either (a) get lucky to see an official Amazon.jp listing at the MSRP with international shipping, or (b) the scalpers will compete and lower their prices to something more palatable.

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I remember during past POs, Amiami would sometimes open up a few more orders in the minutes and hours AFTER the initial batch was sold out.

Not sure how or why this happens. May be something to do with fraud or flagged accounts.

But if you haven't got yours, continuing to refresh Amiami could be a decent hail mary...

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Just to note:

The current 35k-yen pricing at AmJ is scalper 3rd-party/Marketplace. 

The actual amz-jp direct pricing was 18k-yen.

Try to wait a bit and maybe Amz-Jp direct will do a restock at non-scalper pricing...



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I’m now 2 for 2 with preorder madness got both the 1j and Hikaru 1S at AmiAmi, and failed miserably with the Max and Roy. Still got a max from a kind MW member though.


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Just now, Darth Mingus said:

If the drinking game was everytime someone was cartjacked, I would have polished off a bottle of scotch.  I don't think I can afford this game anymore...:wacko:

Or its possible after effects the next day!

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