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Bandai DX Chogokin 1/48 VF-1


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1 hour ago, Digitalfiend said:

I did pay for the protection plan.  The seller specifically mentioned having reserved his order whereas others made no mention, so we’ll see.  Paid 26k JPY + fees which sucks but what can you do...PO nights are just hideously bad with little chance of me getting one


The mark up suck, all agree. Hope you will will receive the item. But if the seller fail to deliver, then FJ will help since you have the protection plan.

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6 hours ago, Slave IV said:

I will never use the protection plan. But I don't buy from unknown sellers either, just use them for stuff like TWE direct from Bandai so I'm not worried about them screwing me other than their regular screwing.

I have 36 transaction on FJ that I skipped the protection plan.

Then I am hit by a seller that fail to deliver on the DX Max for 22K yen.

So if I paid the protection every time, it will cost me 400 x 36 yen = 14400 yen

So now I am out by just under 7600 yen.

I think not paying for the plan can be good. Maybe in future I will more careful on selecting the seller and on high risk item (high price PO item), will consider paying the 400 yen for protection.

In general, I will avoid PO on yahoo japan or ebay.

I have never get any PO item delivered on both site.

End up getting Max on AJ for a good price after release. So I will be patient and wait for release day if I missed the PO on normal retailer.

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19 minutes ago, dafob said:

I got an order in, but I have no confidence in HLJ anymore.  It doesn't show up in my history nor did I get an email confirmation.

Got one on HLJ too and I feel the same way about HLJ (how they have fallen.....), but I did get both email.

Still, I will not count this as secure just yet. Could be a glitch, since I am not sure why they have so much extra stock (Scalper cancelling?)

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1 minute ago, dafob said:

Crap. I think I ordered two by mistake since I never got confirmation for first one.  But now I just got both confirmation emails.  I hope I can cancel or unload the extra one.  :D

You can always keep both. ;) 

JK aside, you can always cancel even after it enter your PW (with a time limit).

It is nice to have extra and worry about if you can cancel vs missed the PO. :) 

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3 minutes ago, dafob said:

I didn't know you could cancel an order w/ HLJ yourself...?  I'll give it a shot.

You might not be able to cancel from the private warehouse, but if you can't cancel it directly, email them fast to let them know it was a website glitch, and they should erase the extra order for you.

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1 minute ago, chyll2 said:

HLJ will ban you for ordering multiple for items with 1 limit per household

Sounds like an Oracle database issue, that is ridiculous.
I'm sure that can be argued successfully with a customer service email, however not when it in in a cart and time is of the essence.


Lots of E-commerce info in this thread ^_^

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5 minutes ago, beatsing said:

Maybe some scalpers cancelled their orders after getting low prices on Max, or did HLJ get more stock?  I thought this was releasing next week?

or HLJ site crashed again and accepted more than allotment haha. WE can only speculate but in terms of release date, it should be tomorrow (or this week)

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