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Bandai DX Chogokin 1/48 VF-1


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Just now, canklebreaker said:

Can you elaborate? I’m assuming some sort of page monitor?

I believe it is, but you run it on PC and basically can be instructed to send an update to your phone. It is basically a offline (not hosted on a domain) fig in stock (oh my g, how i miss you )

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6 hours ago, kkx said:

Did you pay for the protection plan?

My PO of Max with the same method fail to deliver. Not all seller on YahooJP are legit. So be careful.

I did pay for the protection plan.  The seller specifically mentioned having reserved his order whereas others made no mention, so we’ll see.  Paid 26k JPY + fees which sucks but what can you do...PO nights are just hideously bad with little chance of me getting one


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4 minutes ago, Mac said:

Anybody else that got one from HLJ during PO night able to see their order? I can't see mine...

It should already be charged and place in your private warehouse.   They are having issue with that right now



check your email history, HLj sents out mothly "open order reminder" which list all your active preorders.


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