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Bandai DX Chogokin 1/48 VF-1


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5 hours ago, GeneralTiki said:

First time posting here  - long time lurker.  Been super inspired by the modifications/enhancements done to others VF-1J toys, and I decided to share what I did to mine.  I think the weathering and panel lines, and the little bit of paint detail here and there really brings out the best of what Bandai made.  I love this thing so much.  Hope you guys enjoy.


Image from iOS (6).jpg

Image from iOS (5).jpg

Image from iOS (4).jpg

Image from iOS (3).jpg

Image from iOS (2).jpg

Image from iOS.jpg

Nice work @GeneralTiki ! :good:The oil streaked wing swing area looks streaked just enough!

3 hours ago, treatment said:

semi-Joons DX...



will have to wait for DYRL Max to make proper Joons-DX...




LOL What the! How do they look in fighter? :lol:

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Thanks guys - yes, I've got Max's VF-1A on the bench.  That's the one that really moved me to do this, as I think it seems bland in comparison to the out-of-the-box VF-1J.  

The small details you aren't really seeing in these pics (the landing gear wells, cockpit, airbrake, etc.) took more "skill" than the most obvious improvement - which is a wash to bring out the panel lines and add a layer of grime.   Anyone can do this...check this out: (I highly recommend this company as well - try a mix of 2/3 Dark Dirt and 1/3 Black - and make sure to mask the cockpit:


As an aside - if anyone knows how to remove the cockpit glass - I'm all ears.  I took every screw out of the thing, and was able to remove the nose/cockpit, but wasn't able to figure out how to get the glass loose.   I pulled it just hard enough to make me really uncomfortable before giving up and masking it off.

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1 hour ago, treatment said:

Alot like Space Gandam or something... :lol:



As long as its not Mobile suit Garfield! :lol:

48 minutes ago, Sildani said:

Anyone else stare VERY HARD at the Valkyries on Kawamori’s shelves?


Guilty! Especially the lower right cell....so far i see what seems to b paper crafts of the VF-1, VF-25...

Part of me is hoping the lower cell is the new movie valk he is tinkering with..but the odds of that secret showing is next to nil...

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2 hours ago, beatsing said:

@sh9000 the filter makes it look cartoony, like the intro pose.  Nice

@Lolicon nice panel line work, breaks up the white on top.  If Max's cartoon ride had a V like Hikaru's chest V it would look less bland.  Was the V only for the 1j rides?

Thanks, and as mentioned above the S type had the stripes too. Then everyone got them in the movie, because it looks good. Oh and the wedding 1D had them too.

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15 hours ago, sh9000 said:


Thanks.  I like how this one came out too.


@sh9000 the cartoon filter looks very nice as the shades make the white look better, though the blue is not as bright.  It also looks less like plastic

20 hours ago, Lolicon said:

Thanks, and as mentioned above the S type had the stripes too. Then everyone got them in the movie, because it looks good. Oh and the wedding 1D had them too.

Ha ha brain fart on my part.  I meant the plain V stripes that the 1j had, were these only on 1j types?  The S types have a filled in V stripe with red or yellow, blue etc., which have a different look because of the extra color.  AFAIK, but I haven't watched the tv series for a long time, the 1a types didn't have any stripes and were plain one color on the chest.

As much as I like Max's blue, the plain chest could use some color.  My next valk is likely one with a different head and chest paint, even though I like cannon fodders.  

9 hours ago, GeneralTiki said:

I really love the aggressive poses you can get Gerwalk mode into with the DX.  This mode can look weak to me, but I think it’s all about the stance.




Me too.  I usually like the battroid and fighter mode more than gerwalk but this Dx has the best A stance. nice weathering.

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1 hour ago, Sturmvogel said:

Unless I missed something, it looks like the DYRL Kakizaki, Hikaru, and Max Super VF-1A are shown on this page:


I like the red stripe around the head lasers.  Looking forward to these.


Yup, we've been discussing this since pics were posted the night before the event.  The DX YF-21 has been getting more buzz on the board, but I'm personally excited for these.  DYRL is on the top of my Macross list followed by Frontier.  I think most of the discussion has been around the 011 Skull part because it isn't included in the Strike Parts.  Thought is that Roy, Kaki, Max will be regular releases but Hikkie 1A possibly TWE bundle with parts?

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My baby finally arrived after a bit of a wait:



Already having fun popping it in with my other Yammie 1/48s.




This has to be my favorite bit of tampo detail, though. I love having the military label for the fastpacks to explain the hole required for them. That and the teeny Vermillion 3.



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Alright well I was sick for the past several days and in the meantime got my 2nd vf-1a.   Going to open one up right now.  The other one I'm keeping safe in the Amazon shipper sealed in their plastic wrap.

Ok so opened it up.  Very nice model. I'm pretty impressed that it came with a stand too, did not know that.  I just lowered the landing gear, going to have it in fighter plane mode for a while because I haven't seen this variation of color on a premium valkyrie yet before.  Pretty nice.

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16 minutes ago, PsYcHoDyNaMiX said:

 Why he chose to place mock-ups behind him instead of dxs... beats me.

He's surrounded by that stuff all day. It's become "invisible" to him.

I've been working with very, very high end race car/motorcycle stuff forever. People freak out when they get to see it up close. I don't notice it's there anymore.

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