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Bandai DX Chogokin 1/48 VF-1


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2 minutes ago, Chronocidal said:

Now if only NY were up at NY. :p 


I actually refreshed it on a whim before I shut down my computer, and saw the same thing..  if that one goes through I'll be amazed, but having one potential pre-order was more than I was really hoping for.

i got my order confirmation, did you get one?

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1 minute ago, davidwhangchoi said:

so if you pick pay later they put you at the back of the line?

yes  @Duymon also experienced the same, my difference? I dont have any confirmation mail


edit: finally! 3 hrs of waiting and got something from it

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Just now, Duymon said:

SO not only does NY have the ticket queue, prevent auto refresh and searching,

You STILL have to deal with wheel of death and risk of getting c*ck-blocked at any turn by the ticket queue again

This is basically just reinforcing my habit of never using NY for anything but TWE items.

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