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Bandai DX Chogokin 1/48 VF-1


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1 hour ago, rdrunner said:

Holy cow, Bandai is giving us TV Max 1A when most of us were expecting the Focker 1S! I can’t wait to get one. Now all we need is the zentradi uniform to go with it... please???

uniform would be too tempting for p-bandai to pass up!

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Dang! We all thought it would be 1S Focker/TV Hikaru to coincide with Super Packs.

I'm in for 1 TV Max for sure!

Looks like DX Chogokin is concentrating on SDFM first instead of mixing it up with DYRL.

Personally I only want SDFM units. :p

LOL! Still no ejection warning symbols! 

Looks Iike an September release! 1 DX VF-1 every 9 months!!! 

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10 minutes ago, ScrambledValkyrie said:

I’m also surprised that Max is the next DX VF-1, but glad to see that they are sticking with TV for now and working to build Vermillion.

I agree with @Convectuoso that they should have already made this in HMR.

They have to do a DX Roy 1S at some point, and I can wait.

I am very happy that they are focusing on SDFM first; personally I’m not too big a fan of DYRL. Over the years the Yamato toy releases seemed to show a bias on DYRL (eg the SSP with movie style armour, pilot suit design that came with the 1S, yellow tipped reaction missiles, etc), so anything SDFM is very welcome. I just hope Bandai will keep this up. 

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OH NO, NOT VF-1A MAX, NOOOOOOOOOOO, anything but him!!! 


Damn this, i may actually have to come back from the dead on this size now eventhough i am now only doing HMR...   vf-1a max is just too much for even me to resist!!! 

But i still have a chance as these things always get well sold out before i wake up to make a preorder anyways, so crisis may still be averted and money remains in my pocket...

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6 minutes ago, mcfly50 said:

Awesome! Preorder date?

For a September release, I am expecting a 5 month window, so likely PO in April. It didn’t take long last time from the announcement of the 1J to PO date on 7/29. It may come in the next two to three weeks if I were to guess. 

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HaHa! This is awesome news! I love the direction Bandai is taking with this line. Even though I would have been happy seeing TV Roy up front too, it’s nice to see them change it up with Max—so unexpected. Seeing a complete TV squad at this scale will be a very cool thing if they go all the way and give us Kaki and then Roy.


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Well...that was unexpected news to wake up to..I dunno, as much I LOVE Max, I may have to sit this one out, my 1:60v2 is weathered and still sitting pretty, and I just DON'T have the room to do all new 1:48's.  Roy will be a must have though. Pre-Order night is gonna be hell. 

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BTW, how do you guys hold this toy in 1/48 scale? I usually pick it up with both hands by the legs with my pinkies resting under the feet. The 1/60 I could comfortably hold it by gently pinching the chest and backpack since it was light enough where I didn't feel like it would cause any stress on the toy. With the 1/48 I don't feel comfortable doing that since there is so much weight in it's legs. Lol

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Whoever is planning the DX VF-1 line is a monster...

a cruel, Fafnir-level monster who understands what we want, and how to separate us from our money:D


Just now, Slave IV said:

Based on what I currently have, another SDFM Max 1A was the highest want on my liat in any format. Glad to see it as a DX!

Now, seeing as how this doesn’t come with missiles, who’s about to order more missile sets? Lol!

I was planning on picking up only a TV Roy only in this line... but a DX Max 1A...........

Can't resist.................... and I'll need 2 sets of Missiles I guess...


I tip my hat to thee, whomever is in charge of this line over at Bandai....

Just now, Convectuoso said:

And I'm still waiting for this variant to be released in HMR format 

BUT WHAT HE SAID!!!!!!!!!!!



PO madness 31st?

Image result for macross Max gif

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