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YF-25 Prophecy Paladin project


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I was thinking of redesigning it as well at one point. I wanted to make the handle piece extra long, so that it anchored throughout the entire lance, but also make the pointed part of the lance one piece. Sadly my computer I use my software on with Sol8dworks is corrupt, and I don't have a backup to make anything at the moment.

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I started this project back up, after I have finally finished the VF-1X++. I just need to redo the wing decals, and repaint the underside of the wings in grey again, after a transformation scratched the decals off. I thought I sanded the wings down enough, but I guess I didn't, and will redo the process again. Because I don't have enough of the wing decals, I need to scan and redo them on photoshop, then send them to a decal maker. I'm not good at doing this, so I'm hoping I can figure out how, but until then, I managed to get the lance together, or at least the first one, in a way that is quite sturdy. in between the two front halves, I put in a 3mm steel rod that in long enough to keep it straight and from bending.

Valhary, looking at your model, it looks better as just one piece. It looks great. My only real issue with the design has always been the handle part and how flimsy some of these plastics have been holding that heavier front half. I am working on a second version with the handle I made, and using wood as the lance part that goes from the handle to the front half, I think it is sturdy enough, yet light enough to where the toy itself can hold it. I thought about getting long 3mm stainless steel rods, and then just running it through everything, but I think it might be a bit too heavy. With the second set I'm attempting, I drilled a 3mm hole through most of everything, and the long skewers I have seem to hold up nicely. Sorry, no pictures yet. It's still being worked out. The pieces I did in CAD for it work good, so I ordered another and after I get that, I'll be waiting on other parts to get going for that.

All that considered, the armor is all done. I have to repaint the lance back pack connector in the chrome paint, then aside from the other wing issue, it'll basically be done.

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11 hours ago, Xigfrid said:

I have used 2mm aluminum tubes for some time, you should try 3mm ones, they are light and will not bend easily!

I may have to try that. I'll probably order some tomorrow.

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