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Macross Collection Display Thread


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thats real swweeettt. i wonder if there is space for a reactive armor pose? and ghost too if they release? :D

you might have to get another display case! :p

hehe! definitely not enough room anywhere for anything else! Looks like I'll be packing away the last of my 1:18 scale cars to make room for more Valkyries! But regardless I'll still need another display cabinet eventually.. :rolleyes:

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My Macross Frontier un-display while the Man-cave is renovated -_-


That's a lot. And I mean A LOT. :o Not to mention the one inside the brown shipping boxes. ;)

man, and I still see people on my FB feed and carousell selling them for > $200US MISB. nobody calls them out publicly for the QA issues though...

Is the Armor Parts included for $200? :rolleyes: They should put atleast a buy at your own risk footnote somewhere since most of people knows this release has QC issues. ;)

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