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Mechapilot's FS thread: DX Chogokins, Yamato/Arcadias, Hi Metal R, Transformers, 3P TFs, SHF, SW and more

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So, the time has come to let go of a whole lot of stuff  I collect.  Macross, Transforers, Star Wars, Marvel, DC, random action figures/robots and some other random stuff.  This post will be continually updated as I work my way through things, and I will note the last edited date somewhere down below.  Also if you don't see anything you like, just check back as it'll be trickling out....maybe just didn't get around to listing it yet.  As per usual check the listing for condition, prices, shipping cost etc.  I will ship via USPS either priority or first class with tracking and insurance. Add 2.9% for purchases through Paypal,  Also, I only ship domestically generally but there may be exceptions.  Also if you do not have a verified shipping address on paypal, i will only accept payments as "gift" as I would not be protected by paypal seller protection.  Any questions ask away on PM.  So without further delay, here is the list.


Bandai DX Chogokins:

VF-25A - condition is MISB - $230 shipped 

VF-19 Advanced - condition is MISB - $330 shipped SOLD

YF-24 Prophecy - condition is MISB but box has small corner dent,  $195 shipped  SOLD

Version 1 (NOT RENEWAL)  VF-25S Ozma heavy armored valkyrie, very good condition, complete with box etc, box has some wear - $135 shipped  SOLD



Arcadia VF-1S "Special Movie Version"  Roy Fokker - MIB, box has been opened, stand has been used, valkyrie etc. unused -$165 + shipping  SOLD


Bandai Hi Metal R:

VF-1S Strike Hikaru - Used for display (behind glass) excellent condition like new basicaly, complete.  $130 shipped SOLD


Transformers and 3rd Party "not" transformers"

Takara Tomy Transformers Prime Unicron - MISB  $50 shipped 

KFC Citizen Stack Version 2 (the gears were improved and paint scheme changed) with SXS head upgrade (will include original)  - $80 shipped  SOLD


SH Figuarts, MAFEX, figma, Hasbro Star Wars Black, and other 1/12 ish scaled aka ~6 inch sized action figures

SH Figuarts Captain Phasma - MISB - $55 shipped

SHF Kylo Ren - MISB $55 shipped



Stay tuned!

VOLTRON related stuff

MAD TOYS BEAST KING (aka unofficial lion voltron with tons of diecast etc), excellent condition, complete with box etc., displayed just a couple months behind glass - $280 shipped


Last Updated 4/17/17 - updated body of text pertaining to paypal verified addresses, also adjusted a couple prices as well as added mad toys beast king.




Glossary for abbreviations 

MISB=mint in sealed box....in other words new and never opened

MIB= mint condition, maybe have been opened but toy was never handled

SHF=SH figuarts

PAK = play arts kai


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