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Wanted: Toynami Robotech 1/100 VF-1 30th anniversary toys

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Okay, so it looks like these are finally out of stores and that's when I decided I should probably include some pics of them on my website. I'm looking for either all or just the TV VF-1A Max since that's the only one unique to this set. If you have them for sale, please shoot me a PM. I need them to be complete, the closer to brand new the better. If you bought it, opened up, realized it's not that great, and put it away, no sense in storing it, you should just sell it to me! Thanks.

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Price is a little high but they packaged as Macross and not that other show, plus there is an official Kakazaki. http://www.ebay.com/itm/Toynami-Macross-Robotech-SuperPoseable-Set-Of-5-Valkyries-Limited-Edition-/142279661682?hash=item2120875872:g:bWwAAOSw7ehXTMux


I just bought two Max's and painted him to Kakazaki's color or as close I could find.


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Yes, obviously that's not a reasonable price. They go for like 40 brand new, the other ones can still be easily had for like 30. That's roughly what I'm expecting to pay. 

I can and will check online stores, I'm looking for members who have them for sale. 

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23 hours ago, BoBe-Patt said:

Are you planning on getting this one?


'Battle Cry Edition'? :shok: Sounds like they need to copyright that term too rather than just use a generic 'Weathering' or 'Weathered' term.

HG. HG. HG. :5: 



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3 hours ago, jenius said:

Yeah, I'll grab one. I got the "special ops" one recently also. 


Wasn't even aware of that "exclusive"...apparently they also released an LED light that looks pretty cool.....heading to ebay.....prices seem low enough...


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46 minutes ago, dero said:

I've got a Toynami DYRL VF-1S I'd be willing to sell if you're interested.

How do you identify whether or not it's the 30th anniversary version or not?

Big yellow "30" right on the box? :rolleyes:


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