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Anime Boston March 31-April 2nd

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Anime Boston is coming up in little over a month, anyone going? I'm supposed to have four panels I'm hosting this year.

All About That Ecchi and Fanservice But Were Afraid to Ask

Tankery 101: A guide to Girls Und Panzer

Air Combat in Anime

My Tank is Fight: Tank Combat in Anime


EDIT: Sorry guys for the depressing stuff at the end. Let's focus on the positive! AB is retro themed this year!

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Alright guys just want to given an update on my panels for Anime Boston.

Tankery 101: The weapons and world of Girls Und Panzer will be held in pane 306 of the Hynes on 3/31 at 4:30pm to 5:30pm.


 My tank is fight!!! A guide to armored combat in anime will be held in the Sheraton's Fens panel on 4/1 from 4:00pm to 5:00pm


Air Combat in Anime will also be held in the Sheraton's Fens panel on 4/1 this time from 7:00pm to 800pm


   All about that ecchi and fanservice, but were afraid to ask will be held in panel 302/304(yes it's a double size room, and yes the panel is that popular) on 4/1 from 1:00am to 2:00am 


Don't be afraid to drop by and say hello, learn a little history, and generally watch stuff get blown to hell in various entertaining ways!  

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Well guys, now that AB is over I have to say AB was a blast and much needed break from things. My panels also went over extremely well with mostly filled rooms and it seemed like I built a small following that made it a point to attend each of my panels over the course of the entire con given how much they enjoyed them. The best compliment I had was from these two brothers from Southern Cal who said they would comeback to AB next year specifically to see my panels. 


Some guys even wanted me to come to the west coast. The problem is I'm just a local guy, I'm not in the anime industry, and I don't really have the money to buy a round trip ticket & hotel for something like AX. I'd love to go if I could find a way to get sponsored or something like that.  

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