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3D printed Battle/City 7

UN Spacy

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Wow, amazing work.


Hope the maker puts it on shapeways or someplace for the rest of us mere mortals!:wub:

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4 minutes ago, Chronocidal said:

Something that size from Shapeways would be insanely expensive.. but I'd still love to see it done. :D

it'd be my D'Agostini Falcon that I could never have afforded either... but I'd sacrifice for one of those!

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I had an idea of doing this in 1/5000 scale a few years back. Thinking of it kept me up at night some days. I have neither the skill, tools, money or room to do that! And I only had 1 kid at the time...

City 7 would've been 6' long & 3' wide. Then I thought of going to 1/4000 to match the Hasegawa SDF-1 & my Star Destroyer. What's another 1.5'?

This has, on the other hand, shown me that 1/8000 is a reasonable scale for me to work in, rather than 1/4000. Considering my (someday shared) hobby area is only 12 x 9, it'd be  a lot easier to have 6" to 1.5' long ships around, rather than 1' to 3'. And that's about right for the Elysion.

IF I ever tried something like this,  it would have to be my own interpretation of the design. I couldn't get anywhere near that accurate to the line art. Call it City 9...


Edited for consistent measurements...

Edited by Kelsain
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