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FS: Yamato V2 1/60 Valks: Hikaru VF-1A, VF-1J w/ GBP Armor *ALL SOLD*

ultraman zoffy

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Selling off a few valks to thin the collection herd! Prices do not include shipping (I ship USPS, buyer decides if they want insurance or extra shipping services); paypal only (either as gift or buyer pays 2.9% + .30 cent PP fees for goods/services). Items will ship in their original packages (boxes are in good/very good condition but not mint).

1) Yamato V2 1/60 VF-1A (SUPER/STRIKE PARTS ARE NOT INCLUDED), comes with a spare VF-1S Fokker head (as shown in photo) and extra DYRL VF-1S cockpit. Been transformed a few times during a house move, but otherwise is not handled frequently and resides in a display case. Valk is in very good condition with no shoulder issues. Super/Strike parts not included, but WILL come with all other standard equipment and accessories - SOLD! 

2) Yamato V2 VF-1J with GBP armor - Valk and armor were purchased separately, not in gift bundle. Valk has no issues, only been transformed a few times and has been in display with armor since purchased. Includes all original accessories and extra homemade custom missile bursts (as shown in photo) - SOLD





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