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Hi metal, model kits and Batgirl Bombshell statue

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List updated , prices dropped


Add $15 for US shipping for toy items. Others add $10 but i will refund the difference after I ship (for example: hasegawa weapons set)

$95--Hi Metal R vf-1j Max super valkyrie ( blue valk) -unopened

$95--VF-1S Valkyrie Tamashii exclusive Hikaru Ichiyo (original Hi metal series) (red stripe)-used, transformed a couple of times. no issues

$20--VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Hasegawa 1:72 model kit-unbuilt

$8--VF-1 Valkyrie weapon set 1;72 hasegawa model kit parts

$8--VF-25F Bandai fighter model kit. Already put together, unpainted with new sticker sheet. no issues.

$30--Armored core model kit, Y01-Tellus, unbuilt, new.


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prices dropped
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