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Hey everyone, it's with a bit of sadness I do this but I am out of room and have to limit myself to hero collecting and get rid of some of my non-heroes and duplicates. Here are the terms:
A) Prices do NOT include shipping. I will charge actual shipping. I will default to USPS Parcel with tracking but you can pay for expedited shipping, insurance, whatever you want.
B) Prices assume payment is sent via Paypal as a personal or 'gift' payment.
C) If you want to use a Paypal business or 'goods' payment, wait until I send you an invoice. You will need to pay the Paypal fees and will need to cover the costs of insurance.
D) These toys are staying in the U.S. because I don't want to stand in line at the USPS during the holiday season.
E) If toys don't sale, I'm going to find a way to make more room and keep them. I will hear out offers but may not respond as a means of being courteous if you shoot too low (and I'm a super busy guy)
All toys are complete with box and all accessories, most have been handled very sparingly,
7) Yamato Olive Drab Weathering Tomahawk $165
Things that will get you trade cred:


1) Takatoku 1/100 VF-1J Hikaru
4) Takatoku 1/144 Collector's series VF-1S Focker
5) Takatoku 1/144 Collector's series Tomahawk
6) Yamato Gnu Dou VF-1 toys (all except VF-1S Focker)
7) Yamato V2 Elintseeker
9) Yamato gray launch arm
10) Yamato V2 VF-1J Hikaru Gray Goggle Version


1) Matchbox reissues of the 1/144 Destroid toys (all variants)
2) Matchbox Bioroid
3) Matchbox Bioroid sled toy
4) Matchbox VF-1 toy (for 1/18 scale pilot)
5) Exosquad VF-1 toy (for 1/18 scale pilot)
6) Matchbox Zentraedi power armor toys (either/both variants)
7) Matchbox Invid toys (Scout and Shock Trooper)
'8) Toynami bookends featuring Rook (Loose but unbroken is fine for all bookends though shipping would be tricky)
9) Toynami bookends featuring Rick
10) Toynami bookends featuring Roy (or Rick) in VF-1S


1) CM's Griffin with Aqua Unit (or HK Edition)
CM's AV-98 Reactive Armor Ingram
3) CM's vinyl Asuka MPL-96 (police variants, don't need the orange one)

1) Yamato 1/24 remote controlled Scopedog toys (Must be "B" band).
2) Classic Takara 1/24 Dual Model red shoulder toy

1) Any Takara 1/72 Dougram toys (must be complete, closer to new the better)


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This section of the forums is for selling/trading to members. Each thread like this one is usually for the original thread starter's inventory only. Not a general group type thread.

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