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Non Macross - Guyver figures for sale


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Hi MW members,

I have decided to sell my duplicate figures from the Guyver manga in the Max Factory Bio Fighter Collection line. These figures are from my personal collection and since they were duplicates, I have kept the figures in their boxes and placed in storage in a closest. All figures are MISB unless otherwise stated. All come from a pet and smoke free home.

Payments accepted via PayPal through friends and family otherwise add 3% to total costs.

Shipping costs will be calculated on individual basis.

My reason for selling my figures is because I now need room for my Macross figures. In all honesty, I never thought I would get as hooked as I am now in collecting Macross figures. So it's all thanks to everyone here for rekindling my love for Macross :) With that said, here are the figures.

Guyver 1 - $118

Guyver 1+ (Image Head Plus) - $166 (MIB, sealed tap is torn)

Guyver 2 - $143

Guyver 3 (w/ black blades) - $190

Guyver 3 (w/ clear blades) - $118 (bought Used in Japan. Figure has some wear)

Hyper Zoanoid Neo ZX-Tole - $95 (bought Used in Japan. Figure has some wear)

Guyver Gigantic - $309 (MIB, sealed tap is torn)

Guyver Gigantic Dark - $360

Zoalord Pluqstahl - $265

Please send me a pm if you have any additional questions and I will try to answer back as promptly as possible.

Mods, if you feel this thread does not belong here, then please delete and let me know where is the proper place to put this. I don't mean to disobey any rules. And upon reading the rules, I believe this is the proper place to post this.










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