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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!

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1 hour ago, TMBounty_Hunter said:

Sheryl is definitely coming, they keep posting her on twitter. Just no date yet. I'm assuming we'll get one at WonderFest this month




Great! Glad to see its still on the way.. Just a bit sad they keep delaying her release in favor of DELTA. I mean the least they could have done is release it very close to Ranka, I know many would be inclined to get the pairing. But alas I am no marketing expert or anything... I just want my Sheryl!!!

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Did those stockings come pre-ripped, I wonder?

On 2/9/2017 at 6:36 AM, hachi said:

Nice, I want a Sheryl too. Not too sure about Ranka though. Because if I get her, I'd want Minmay too, then Mikumo, then before I know it I get sucked into the rabbit hole...

This is basically why I'm avoiding the whole line altogether. The temptation is too great.

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52 minutes ago, Marcion said:


finish assembly and paint using one holiday time , although some detail paint not apply still look good.

Would love to see your finished product but Photobucket requires members now to pay for 3rd party hosting. For now you could try and use IMGUR.com. ;)


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