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Mission 25: Star Singer  

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The emigrant ships are mostly self-sustaining, but not completely... and they aren't possessed of infinite endurance. Endurance has improved as ships have gotten larger and the recycling technology has gotten better, but the Megaroad-01 should be well over its planned service lifespan by 2067.

And so where would this happen? The nearest Exxon station? Not being sarcastic so much as facetious. When a ship is a few hundred light years away it is kind of challenging to send out an oiler to top up it's supplies and or conduct repairs / upgrades. They would have to get these en-route, along with conducting repairs and upgrades and I'm sure the project designers must have considered this since we are not dealing with Spanish Galleons from the 16th century here.

I am sure the Macross 25 fleet is far more sophisticated and efficient in comparison to the old Megaroad Colony ships, but I would find it difficult to accept the Megaroads would be designed to require regular dry dock visits and frequent Oiler resupplies deep into their mandates.

So... a couple things...

Second, the time between the Varauta system being conquered by the Protodeviln and the start of Macross 7 is only two years (2043-2045).

Third, I don't believe it's said that the Varauta system went silent after being conquered. The entire population was brainwashed, so it wouldn't have been any real challenge to fake routine communications to ensure the UN Government was convinced all was well.

Fair enough my time table was off, but the question remains. Despite the reasonable extrapolation, we have no evidence of fake communications between Varauta and UNS. Though one can not rely on M7 which was pretty short on these kinds of details.

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They also removed the love triangle pillar, the storyline pillar, the animation pillar along with the mecha pillar. Delta is balancing on the single pillar of its music.

Sounds like the first two cours of M7... :angry:

And if this train wreck of a series actually gets a movie or second season green lit, I'll be most surprised.

What do you mean? Two 90 minute movies of music videos for the Walkurie fans totally possible!

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This is the first Macross series I've actually tried to watch: I've otherwise just been a valk junkie.

I wouldn't mind if a movie came out if it meant armor parts/"something something pack" that looked better than the ugly VF-31 super packs. Knowing how the series is going though, it'll probably be a lolimaid costume for battroid mode.

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Ep 26 subs still aren't out, so I haven't watched it, so I'll post my Ep 25 thoughts:

Basically---this series has done worse than "make me dislike it". It's made me simply not care. Disliking a show at least means you think about it, and have "concern" for it. I used to anxiously count the hours, waiting for new eps/subs. Played them the moment I could. Then it became "I'll watch it sometime today". Then "today or tomorrow". Then "sometime this week". Until now, at Ep 25---I only just got around to watching it because I knew otherwise I'd likely be spoiled by Ep 26/finale talk around the forum.

Frontier was the exact opposite---I got more and more involved as time went on, despite kinda "ignoring it" early on. The anticipation/hype for the final few eps was insane. Good times at the forum. Just could not wait for the end.

Whereas with Delta---I'm just waiting for it TO end. Big difference. Because the sooner it ends, the sooner they can work on something else/better. But I really don't care *how* it ends, and that's a shame, that a Macross series has un-impressed me so much that I feel that way.

Sigh---despite me having initial misgivings about the character, it's ironic that there's been so little development with the others, that the most interesting person has been dead for half the series...

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