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Macross Night September 2016


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The September 10, 2016 MACROSS NIGHT was held at the EDITION Bar, New Shinsaka Bld. It started a 11pm til 5am the next morning. The trains in Tokyo stop running at around midnight and wont start until 5am the next morning.



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After a more than an hour Narita Express train ride to Shibuya, I transfered to the Hanzomon Line to Aoyama-itchome (BTW, I just arrived Japan that afternoon). During the walk towards the party, I decided to take a few pictures of places to help me trace back the way to the Station. Guess who photo bombed? Now, navigating to the event wont be a problem.



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The party room was a little on the small size but not packed. People can still move around, talk and have some drinks, perform and dance. I think there were 40 to 50 people inside. The lights and sound system was good. A disco ball was hanging from the middle of the ceiling. We had special Macross themed drinks served.

Toilet signs were also Macross themed. So was the dressing room for cosplayers. Ofcourse, the DJ was there at his booth dishing nothing but the finest Macross music.








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Some of the fans would come up to you and talk about, well, Macross. Alot of them, when asked which among the series was their favorite, answered Macross Frontier. Not surprisingly, with the amount of Frontier cosplayers around. Macross 7 came in 2nd favorite. Some of the fans brought merchandise for show or props. One of them brought a clear book full of his character artworks and original mecha design.



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The Macross Rockstars have arrived just in time for the next phase. Karaoke. BTW, they just came fresh from the 7pm 1st LIVE in Zepp "Walkure Attack!" concert. Had I known the 2nd show was at 7pm, I would have took the chance and gone there. Anyway, the Macross SpeakerPODcast crew will talk about it in their future podcast. Glad to meet Adrian, Gwyn, Mike and Chris for the first time. Now that's Adrian on vocals and Mike on guitars, Remember 16:




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Look like everyone had a blast!

You betcha. No inhibitions... Well, not really.

Thanks for the photos...that looks like a blast. :)

Yep. Fans of different cultures. What you gonna do when the trains don't run till 5am?

Looks like a lot of fun. Glad you had a great time.

Thanks. One of the highlights were meeting the SpeakerPODcast crew ofcourse.

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