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Will's ~NEW!~ Macross Story Concepts Thread Thing


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So, long time no see huh? Life kinda kicked my ass! Anyway, I'm not really happy with what I've shown for this anymore, and it's been such a long time I might as well just make a new thread instead of dredging up the old one.


The working title as of now is Macross: Inferno. The working title before that was Macross: Omega, but then Macross: Delta's title was revealed and I decided against using Omega anymore. (Geeze, has it really been that long?) The story picks up in 2051, and follows a young pilot by the name of Markus who flies for the Spacy's air demonstration team Angel Birds, who have been assigned to travel with the newly launched SDF/C-01 Macross Global. There he meets an old buddy from flight school and becomes fast friends with one of the Global's bridge officers, setting into motion the love triangle which is, of course, essential to any Macross story. En route back to Earth from a show on Eden, the Global receives a mysterious distress call and changes course to investigate. What they find might threaten the entire galaxy...

A bit vague but it's about all I can say for now. The Elysion from Delta pretty much rekindled my entire interest in this story, as it fit what I envisioned for Inferno's Macross perfectly. I was originally using a ship of my own design, but I pretty much instantly fell in love with the Elysion, and seeing what she looked like in Cruiser mode sealed the deal. So far I'm toying with two possible color schemes, one based on the Battle 7 since the Elysion just uses slightly modified New Macross-Class legs, and the other based on the TV SDF-1 as the Global is the first of her class. I think the SDF-1 scheme makes more sense, but the Battle 7 scheme is just dang pretty. Let me know what you think.

post-28809-0-13956200-1472457594_thumb.png post-28809-0-08152600-1472457603_thumb.png

(Forgive the crappy art, just traced these as there aren't any super good references for the Elysion yet, (and Mr. Kawamori doesn't seem to put out finished mechanical drawings anymore in favor of 3D model shots, please correct me if I'm wrong though! I'd love to be wrong, those bits of his art of the Siegfried from the 2nd ED of Delta are so tantalizing...) and I just wanted to quickly get the color schemes down to see how they looked on the SDF/C)

I'll try and post some character (and hopefully Valkyrie) art tomorrow, stay tuned! It's good to be back!

(Also is there any way to change Display Names because I don't totally care for DeductiblyBonkers as my internet alias anymore.)

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