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Don't Breathe is a horror/suspense film produced by Sam Raimi (the Evil Dead series, the Spider-Man trilogy) and directed by Fede Alvarez (Evil Dead [2013], From Dusk till Dawn: The Series), starring Jane Levy (Mia in Evil Dead [2013], Tessa in Suburgatory), Stephen Lang (Quaritch in Avatar, most likely to be Cable in an X-Force movie), Dylan Minnette (Clay in Saving Grace, Rex in Awake), and Daniel Zovatto (Seth in Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., Gideon in Revenge). The film centers on three people breaking into the home of a blind war veteran to steal US$300,000 from him, only to learn the hard way that he doesn't take kindly to intruders.

The film opened on August 26 and is receiving rave reviews.

"Worth watching and worth buying on Blu-ray"


"95 and 82 out of 100"

"Absolutely worth your time"

Official Site

Rotten Tomatoes Rating: 86% - "Don't Breathe smartly twists its sturdy premise to offer a satisfyingly tense, chilling addition to the home invasion genre that's all the more effective for its simplicity."

Metacritic Score: 71 out of 100

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I"m going to see it in a few days, I loathe remakes, but my family bought me the Evil Dead Remake because they didn't know my purist rage, so I watched it and while I don't know how you'd screwbar an awesome plot/script if it was handed to you with a how-to video on how to shoot the film, I thought the remake was a really fun movie, I'll give this director a chance regardless of how he had to get into getting movies into theatres. The trailers for this movie looked pretty good to me and the decent reviews so far don't hurt. I hope he makes more original films.

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Horror remakes can be fun sometimes and have a better track record than comedies or action films mostly because the original horror subjects are obscure or just bad.

Anyway Evil Dead is an odd subject because it could have been a sequel rather than a remake. And honestly I don't know which evil dead it would have been the sequel to. 2 was a remake of the original and the creators for the last film said it could take place along side the ash character and the plans for movies were very confusing. They said they wanted a sequel to that newer film and army of darkness and now we have a fun campy show so I really don't know on all that.

And back to Don't Breath, I honestly didn't know this was a remake. I couldn't even answer if I had seen the old one. The premise did sound like something familiar.

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