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Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders & Batman vs Two-Face


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I think it looks great and can't wait to see it. This and Lego batman are the most exciting things dc has as far as upcoming movies.

I agree. While a darker portrayal of Batman is generally my preference, the 60's show and the LEGO Movie Batman portrayals bring just the right kind of levity and fun to the character. That crosswalk line is classic- glad they did this while we still have Adam with us. This will be a welcome addition to my Batman video collection.

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That is great news that Adam West finished the voice work for the second Return of the Cape Crusaders.

I was worried that we would be limited to the one DVD and cant forget the old cartoons, The New Adventures of Batman and Robin and The Galactic Guardians for the other animated West Batman.

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My almost three year old little girl loves Batman and she prefers the old Adam West series the most. I'm hoping these new movies comes to Netflix or Amazon soon as the 1966 Batman film isn't on Netflix since over a month ago :(

This photo was just taken today and her birthday party next month will be superhero themed. She'll most likely be wearing a Batman themed dress or costume.


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