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The critically acclaimed film Trainspotting turns 20 this year, so director Danny Boyle (Slumdog Millionaire, 127 Hours) and stars Ewan McGregor (Lincoln Six Echo in The Island, Lumiere in the live-action Beauty and the Beast), Ewen Bremner (Nelson in Black Hawk Down, Junior Angel in Judge Dredd), Jonny Lee Miller (Oren Goodchild in Æon Flux), Robert Carlyle (Gaz in The Full Monty, Don in 28 Weeks Later), and writer Irvine Welsh return to make a sequel. T2: Trainspotting 2 hits UK theaters on January 27, 2017 and U.S. theaters on February 3.

T2: Trainspotting 2 @ IMDb

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I can't see how this could be good. The original is a fine standalone. Seems to be trying to run on nostalgia given they're flogging Born Slippy up front in this trailer (at least ask Underworld to make a new track for it, they are friends with Danny Boyle.)

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