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FS: 1/72 MAC II, Various 1/72, 1/48 and 1/4000 Kits


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Getting rid of stuff collecting dust on shelves. At one point I dived all in and bought a ton of kits, but over the course of 2 years, my interest has waned and I'll never get to all this. All are new in box, sealed or as seen in the pics. Some I got off eBay and have some shelf wear, but all intact. I only accept Paypal as accepted methods of payment. Shipping will be additional (based upon the buyer's location) and I am asking that the buyer covers the Paypal transfer fee (2.9%+$0.30) if they're not transferring via gift or from a bank account. I will ship via UPS.

I've never sold anything on here, but you can PM mslz22 if you like to verify I purchased the Monstar from him, I have Paypal records.

For Sale: Full Album: http://imgur.com/a/dFOVn

1/72 MAC II "V2 Monstar" resin kit by "mslz22" - $450 + shipping. Seen in this thread: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=42102

Never got decals from him, but I never put it together. Still in a box, wrapped in the same bubble wrap he sent to me.

1/72 Ban Dai Tactical Pod Regult - $35 + Shipping

1/72 ARII Tactical Pod Glaug - $100 + Shipping

1/72 Hasagawa VF-1J/A Gerwalk - $35 + Shipping

(2) 1/72 Hasagawa VF-1S/A Strike/Super Gerwalk - $35 each + Shipping

(2) 1/72 Hasagawa VF-1J Super Gerwalk "Max/Miria" - $35 each + Shipping

1/72 Hasagawa VE-1 ELINTSEEKER - $45 + Shipping

1/48 Hasagawa VF-1J Super Valkyrie "Max/Miria" w/ RMS-1 AND Photo Etched Parts - $50 + Shipping SOLD!

1/48 Hasagawa VF-1S/A Strike Super Valkyrie Skull Squadron w/ Photo Etched Parts - $50 + Shipping SOLD!

1/4000 Hasagawa SDF-1 Macross TV Version - $40 + Shipping

1/4000 Hasagawa SDF-1 Macross Movie Version - $40 + Shipping

(2) Robotech RPG Tactics w/ Wave 1 Kickstarter Backer rewards, Battle Pod Expansion and Glaug Command Expansion - $250 + Shipping

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Might get back to you in the Tactics set. Looking at buying one at the moment off either eBay or Amazon

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