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Macross Delta Manga Thread


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Some pages of the Freyja side story manga is at /a/. Can't link to the actual Raw site since rules don't allow it I think.

Info translator anon has given.

Getting married in 14 years old is pretty late in Windermere.
Freyja's fiance is a normal childhood friend and he is nice kid, even helped Freyja run away.
Windermere seems only have 30 years of life.

Well that puts into perspective why Keith said they don't have much time. It makes it even more ludicrous that they drove off the NUN.

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Can't you not make assumptions on the reason for driving of NUNs? We haven't been given any perspective on what happened. You're just making theories that have little support since the show hasn't gotten to the heart of the conflict. You are quick to assume that Windemere is in the wrong when Macross rarely is black&white in its conflicts.

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Can't you not make assumptions on the reason for driving of NUNs? We haven't been given any perspective on what happened. You're just making theories that have little support since the show hasn't gotten to the heart of the conflict. You are quick to assume that Windemere is in the wrong when Macross rarely is black&white in its conflicts.

From what we know those who run Windermere now are xenophobes. Restricting space travel and heavy censorship of their citizens. That and they are an aristocracy. Plus their reverence to the Great Wind reeks of fanatics. They are committing terrorist acts against other planets and fleets with Var syndrome. The NUN also has the official stance of not invading planets with intelligent life. They are actually outgunned but the NUN didn't bother after getting kicked out.

Given this latest piece of information they actually an immature young race who would rather burn bright before their light gets snuffed.

Their expectancy matches that of pre-20th century eras.

Era Life expectancy at birth in years Medieval Islamic Caliphate 35+ Late medieval English peerage 30 Early Modern England 33–40 1900 world average 31
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More assumptions. Smaller lifespans does not equal immaturity of a race. If so Zentradi would be paragons of wisdom due to their immense lifespans.

There's a always a reason and until I see the reason I'm not painting them as true bad guys. They might have their reasons it's not never that simple. I thought watching Macross series antagonists might have not clued you in. I'm not saying there aren't bad elements in the kingdom of the wind but with so little info, I'm not writing them off as iredeemebly evil just yet until I get more info. Secession isn't always a bad thing and their revolution may have been just but coopted by corrupt elements. And I don't think it's plausable that NUNs may have wronged them in some way, they are the natives after all and they have claim over Windemere and no one can tell them otherwise. Our own history shows how friction generates when more technologicaly advanced race meets the natives of a more primitive society. Like true Macross fashion I expect the what's left of the Aerial Knights and Delta Squadron to be flying side by side to fight a larger threat backed by love and song, ending with a compromise between Windemere and NUNs to further the shows message of peace.

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Well this kinda puts Freyja's situation into perspective if the information is true and will apply to the Anime. She's already halfway through her expected lifespan, so it makes sense that she tried to go and fulfill her dreams before it was too late.

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Life expectancy comes with a bunch of caveats, though. Human life expectancy in the medieval period was 30s and such not because of "natural" life expectancy, but people dying off due to disease and unhealthy conditions. Anyone lucky enough to make it past 30 would live on well into adulthood as we know it. So while yes, average life expectancy could be 30 for Windermereans, it's possible that a "healthy" Windermerean's life span is just as long as any human's.

By the by, what's the average lifespan of a Zentraedi/Zolan/other races? Have they gone up/down/neither with human contact?

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So while yes, average life expectancy could be 30 for Windermereans, it's possible that a "healthy" Windermerean's life span is just as long as any human's.

Doubtful, it doesn't give them the motivation they seem to have.

Their 30 is roughly equivalent to our 70-something. Like that's when they die of "old age" type problems, rather than accidents or disease or whatnot.

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While not mentally at that stage, would this technically make Freyja the oba-san of the triangle?

Also, for some reason these details are bringing back memories of the Emaan species from Orguss. The Windermere seem like their meaner cousins with their tendrils being the only thing they have common and polar opposites with everything else.

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What's the current "canonicity" of the manga(s), insofar as anything can be considered canon?

About the same as any other comic-version of a current show. It will cover some things not shown in TV or movies, but is no more or less canon.

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What's the current "canonicity" of the manga(s), insofar as anything can be considered canon?

Well the Freyja side story gave us a glimpse of the apple farm heir who Freyja is supposed to marry. A childhood friend that helps her on that transport. If he isn't seen on anime proper we got an idea what he is like.

The side story also gave us the Windermerean life expectancy before episode 4.

The other manga is a direct adaptation of episode Mission .89.

The real juicy one that I haven't seen yet would be the Keith side story.


Speaking of the Keith side story our first info.


Ch.1 hints that Roid may be up to something because his Rune isn't reacting in accordance with how he is acting.

Either something is wrong with his Rune or Messer is giving him the excitement he has been looking as it was blinking.

Damn that some fujoshi bait.ed

edit: Info from /m/ anon.

Each Knight's role is specified (Keith is the leader, Bogue is vanguard, Herman is defense and retaguard, Cassim is in charge of the battleground reconeigsance and the twins specialize in combined attacks).

For some reason Keith acts cold towards Heinz.

Keith cannot feel Roid's feelings when their runes touch or get very close to each other. He's really surprised at this, because back in the day he used to receive his feelings nonstop. Herman recalls that when they were kids Keith was a naughty boy and he and Roid were almost like brothers. The next issue may tell their childhood.

The twins like to tease Bogue

Bogue used to have a problem with his Rune being up a lot so he is more childish at heart than the rest

edit: First image of Macross E manga Macross Delta prequel.


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  • 2 weeks later...

For some reason Keith acts cold towards Heinz.

Cold or distant? Keep in mind Keith is a bastard son of the king. Keith may not want to get close to his dying half-brother. At the same time, Heinz is the only royal heir left on Windermere. Under most circumstances, Keith is ineligible to inherit the throne. As such, Keith's only role is being a loyal soldier so he can't be buddy-buddy to Heinz. Know thy place.

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Bogue used to have a problem with his Rune being up a lot so he is more childish at heart than the rest

I don't know. He's acting more like a psychopath as the series goes on. And despite being called Aerial Knights, they arguably haven't done anything chivalrous at all so far.

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I don't know. He's acting more like a psychopath as the series goes on. And despite being called Aerial Knights, they arguably haven't done anything chivalrous at all so far.

I feel that of all the Aerial Knights, Bogue seems to be taking this war the most personally. I wonder if he has some bone of his own to pick with NUNS.

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I don't know. He's acting more like a psychopath as the series goes on. And despite being called Aerial Knights, they arguably haven't done anything chivalrous at all so far.

you don't extend chivalry to your enemies. You mistake romanticist views of chivalry compared to what it actually was during feudal times. It isn't pretty.

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I feel that of all the Aerial Knights, Bogue seems to be taking this war the most personally. I wonder if he has some bone of his own to pick with NUNS.

I think it's that he's among the youngest and has something to prove. Youth is always the most idealistic. And nationalistic.

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you don't extend chivalry to your enemies. You mistake romanticist views of chivalry compared to what it actually was during feudal times. It isn't pretty.

It would be a damn shame if the only noble thing about this group is that they're just part of the aristocracy. It would also not be a Macross series if the antagonists had no redeeming qualities to justify their actions besides having an inferiority complex. Hopefully, the NUNS really did screw the Windermereans to justify all this.

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Just saw the first chapter of Macross E. We are seeing the initial experimental stages of Var. At first it wasn't people. It was giant megafauna who are like kaiju when affected by Var. There is a proto-Walkure idol group with one of them seems to be a female Basara. The MC rookie is a bit of a wimp and an idol otaku.


The Var syndrome...

Is being spread by this shady masked guy. And he has a dead Vajra behind him in a tank.



Some anon translated the prequel manga, Macross Extra chapter 1.


>Macross series official side story, new serilization

>The main character is an idol otaku!?

>Raising the curtain boldly with some ass


>The two meet on a dimly coloured world

>His and her youths are speeding up!


>In the gap between Frontier and Delta

>There was a heated battle touched by the wave of history!

>A Triangler of love, mystery and hot blood!

>Macross delta side story

>Macross Extra


>AD 2062

>A new threat strikes at humanity, who had entered the era of galactic migration

>The unknown phenomena that suddenly appears all across the galaxy without explanation, Var syndrome


>Afflicted life forms will have heightened bodily functions and resistances but also raised destructive impulses

>On planet Pipure there were gargantuan life forms living in the cold zone who got afflicted as well, and would enter the temperate zone where they normally could not endure and threaten mankinds domain

>The combined interplanetary corporate entitity Chaos, was drafting countermeasures to deal with the situation. The musical that mankinds existence depends upon raises its curtain!

>Planet Pipure

>The speed of the planets rotation around the sun matches its rotation around its own axis, resulting in one side always facing the sun

>Three satellites orbits the planets and create quasi nightfalls.

>The hot extremity point

>A desert zone of scorching heat

>The temperate zone

>The domain where mankind lives

>The cold zone

>Where indigenous lifeforms dwell


>Combined interplanetary corporate entitity Chaos Pipure main base

>This is bad

>Im completely late

>If anyone finds out im in trouble..



>Well its fine as long as noone does find out

>Kaito Kinjou of Echo squadron

>Congratulations, Kaito Kinjou

>You have made another extension this months record of being late

>C captain Zophie

>Get your crap together

>Do you understand our sitaution at all?

>Zophitia Elco, Squad leader of Echo squadron



>We have numerous reports of strange behaviour from indegneous life forms and are at security level C!

>So the reason that you were late today again

>is because you had even more important reason that that I wonder?

>You just got too rowdy at an idol concert and overslept again!?

>That is right!

>I am in awe of your ability to discern the truth!

>Sigh... You will clean the laundry drying room during your lunch break. Understood?



>The new recruit seems like a real hanful, eh, Zophie?


>Were you listening, Jona?

>A bit

>Jona Gourdo, Squad leader of Fox squadron

>This isnt a laughing matter

>His potential isnt bad, but his attitude to duty is awful

>Ah.. scary

>He doesnt take anything seriously except chasing after idols

>Theres also the talk that he came to Chaos just because he couldnt find any other job

>Why did the human resources department select him I wonder

>Well that cant be helped

>Its the era of galactic migration after all.


>And with our rapidly growing stocks we dont have enough people on hand, and then on top of that we now have Var syndrome to worry about

>We do not have the luxuary to pick and choose are new members

>Speaking of idols, Project Sloans will have its assignment tomorrow, right?

>Yes there will be

>a breifing about that soon

>Haha... oh well

>Lets hope it goes well




>You are cleaning the laundry drying room arent you?

>Redo it!

>Aye sir!

>Have it done in time for the breifing!

>Aye aye sir!



>Why is a genius pilot like me doing this...


>Kaito Kinjou

>I told you it was from 19:00!

>Got an appointment so Im heading back, Kaito

>I dont have time to work!!


>You see because today

>Is the last day with a mini live and handshaking meeting!!

>Kinjou is a mirror image of an otaku

>Pirka Posonov

>But being a fan of the brusque and famous Pirkachan is a surprise

>You idiot, Hotsuki, you...

>Dont know a thing!!


>They say shes got cold personality when shes off the stage

>Thank you

>But that really

>is a true pure heart!!

>I can tell

>Dopufow (frakk if know)

>What are you wearing?

>Oh, this?

>The Forced Recognition Weapon: Panzer Pink

>oufuw (i think he just makes weird sounds, hes got an accent of some sort too)

>I made my profile in SNS this picture too

>There is a comment when Pirkachan renews her article (frakk if I know)

>Alright next person go ahead

>On this battlefield

>I will win!!


>Hello this is Kaito with Panzer Pink!

>Telling your name is basics!

>Because of your influence, Pirkachan, Ive started playing the guitar

>The appeal of the easy familiarity from being in the same family (ie theyre both practising music)

>The mini lives of today and yesterday were amazing!

>I skipped work for two days straight to come!!

>So, hows that, Pirkachan!!

>Ah, yes, I remember you



>Thank you very much! Thank you very much!

>Her hand is tiny and really cute!!

>Alright, if I raise my head at this angle...

>Ah the smell of her hair

>Alright, time's up


>Shitty bastard!

>Aaah, oh well

>Don't pay any mind to the small fries

>I have won recognition

>Complete victory!!

>Life, you're wonderful. I love you!!!


>Work today too huh... Already morning... would be better if it didn't come

>Right now... life is really

>frakking shitty

>Heeey, Idol ring leader, you late today too huh?

>A bit...

>Why am I even doing this work?

>Just because I didnt do well public entertainment offices ability test (i think?)


>So the only place that would accept me was Chaos, I was at the end of my rope

>Oh, these are some wonderful physical ability

>Aww geez


>Those who want these qualities, really want them I guess...

>Ah! There you are!

>There is no God

>Hurry and come here, idiot

>You were skipping work yesterday too werent you?

>I shouldnt have

>Become a pilot



>Youre late even on a day like this, Kaito

>These are there people who will take part in Project Sloans.

>Starting from today they will be attached to our squad and help with testing the new equipment

>Eh, eh, EH!?

>As a countermeasure towards the Var syndrome thats become such a problem as of late

>We have developed equipment that will make nimble use of the power of song

>as calming measure...

>There is

>a God!

>It displays the greatest effect if you let them hear it live

>So we are testing with valkyries to provide mobility and protection

>I am glad I became a pilot!!



>Please, please, let's have our squad take care of this

>That is

>What we have been saying


>I am fan! Your greatest fan!

>The mini lives yesterday and the day before that

>Were the best!



>Thank you so much

>Thank you

>The cold attitude!!

>It must mean... she does not remember...!?

>Panzer Pink!?

>Does she only remember the outfit?

>In other words

>Im still just a single fan

>I have to make her understand!

>That there is no other fitting man for Pirkachan but me!!


>Over there is the Jacuzzi and here we have

>the training room



>We meet again..


>Wow, those are some amazing abs

>Doing 500 is just too mazing


>My job is protecting weak people after all

>Doing serious training is basics




>Oh yeah! Look at this!

>When I was taken aboard by Chaos, they gave me a perfect S rank when evaluating me

>Wow, thats amazing

>When we fly together I will I protect you perfectly

>You see Im actually even more skilled than the squad leader

>A genius pilot


>I bet this is the first time Pirkachan flies in a fighter jet

>But you can just relax now

>Im gonna do this neatly


>Even though we got new data coverage, I wont sing today either?

>Hahaha, that's impossible I'm afraid

>No matter how much of Genius I am at controlling this, I dont think you'll have room to sing

>Gotta get you used to flying

>I see

>Well then can I make a request?

>What, oh what?

>You can ask me anything!

>Don't crash


>Of course

>In this case..

>I will have to use...

>Operation suspension bridge effect!


>Kinjous getting full of himself

>Potential wa the only thing he had after all

>How is it? If you feel scared you can cling on to me

>... I may... feel a little sick



>Kaito, we are putting the training on hold!

>I am sorry, I wont do any more circus flying!

>Thats not it!

>We have a report of abnormal behaviour of indigenous lifeforms

>Its probably..

>No, there is no mistaking it


>Var syndrome!

>If its a frakker this huge, then it couldn't possibly live anywhere but the cold zone

>It shouldnt even be possible for it to appear here in the temperate zone!!

>We have the Sloans with us! Avoid engaging it!

>We are returning to base!

>Squad leader!!

>Theres another one right below you

>This is...


>Its a pack!

>Why are the indigenous lifeforms...

>Var syndrome!!

>Didnt you hear about it during the briefing

>They became aggressive and came out of their habitat

>But there is a high possibility that we can hold them off with power of song!

>Our tests are for this very purpose, dont you see!? Get your crap together!

>All units, turn around and gain alltitude. Put yourselves in blind spot of the sun

>They dont have radar and can only rely on their eyes!




>It's no good!

>Unit three is not coming along!


>uuh... uhhh..



>What are you doing, genius Pilot!?

>You're going to protect me right!?

>... fine

> leave it to... I will...


>I've had enough! I'll do it myself!

>come to full stop




>Hey, stop!

>Thats dangerous

>What are you doing, sit down!

>Var syndrome

>Can be calmed down by song

>It's because that possibility has been acknowledged that we're even doing these tests!

>What's wrong with me doing it now!?

>That may be so but...

>Just be quiet

>Fly straight ahead



>Tornado red


>How crazy!

>but.. what's this.. this..


>It tingles...

>at the very back of my nose


>The enemy is faltering!?

>Is the song really effective!?

>Squad leader! We could take the opportunity to repel it!

>No, Kaitos unit and the enemy are to close

>Besides... this is...

>Pi...Pirka-chan..! Sit down!

>Are you insane!?


>The enemy is faltering!?

>Is the song really effective!?

>Squad leader! We could take the opportunity to repel it!

>No, Kaitos unit and the enemy are to close

>Besides... this is...

>Pi...Pirka-chan..! Sit down!

>Are you insane!?


>She's shaking?

>... is she also scared!?

>wether insane or not..

>She's really giving it her all.

>What a person...

>I thought I was a good match for someone like her



>Well, I am genius after all

>.... I...

>It's uncool to give it your all



>What does he think he's doing by flying closer to it slowly?


>If its a lifeform that attacks with arms then there definately exists a dead angle

>He's slowly gliding towards it



>I will




>A worthy man



>Was it calmed down?

>The var syndrome...

>That's amazing... This really is the

>Power of song!!


>Thanks for covering me

>Genius Pilot

>Well, you see

>Lying before Pirka-chan is unbefitting!!

>I really

>am not a genius pilot


>But I will become one!!

>A genius pilot!

>The cold reception again!?

>Of course, I'm entrusting my life to you after all.

>I'm counting on you



>The Var syndrome was really calmed down by live singing

>Was there not enough output...?

>Isn't rather that there was a problem with the induction method?

>Or maybe...

>The reverse is also true, eh

>Master Iwan


>This was surprising

>This is what they call a fated meeting


>Its because of this I cant give up on living

Note the last page what the mask man said. Feeling this guy is a Windermerean intensifies.


Same anon translated the Aerial Knight manga.

Chapter 1


>It's been half a century already since mankind on earth started migrating into space with objective spreading its seeds

>Traveling to outer space, the earthlings was progressing into a new age where they would often come into conflict as well as reconciliation with people of other planets

>And then 2067 AD, Planet Windermere 4, the capital planet of the Windermere system

>The side story to the popular, currently airing, TV anime series Macross Delta now begins!!


>Harboring anger and sadness

>The time when the the contact between this planet and the earthlings would blow a new wind across the galaxy was fast approaching

>Flap your wings towards the sky,

>Children of the wind!

>The first wing: The knights of the sky


>Hey look

>The honored knights have returned


>The wind today feels good and we even got to see the honored knights flying


>Looks like today will be a good day


>crap! If I hadn't gotten caught in between there...

>Haha! Isn't it that you simply don't measure up to us two?

>Shut up! Next time I'll..

>Be quiet! You will reflect once we're back

>Enter landing preparations, the castle is just over there



>And that concludes today's training exercise

>You're all dismissed

>Keith Aero Windermere


>Theo! Xao!

>What's the matter Bouge?

>I can't just let what you said earlier slide

>Bogue Con-Vaart

>For knights of all people to attack two against one...!


>You on about that again?


>It was combat practice so its obvious for us two to band together

>That's right. You have to use any cowardly means, it's combat practise after all

>Theo Jussila

>Xao Jussila

>Just because you faltered before our cooperation play, its no reason for you to get upset



>What did you just say!!

>Neither of you have the skill to take me on unless its both of you at once!



>It's because you always immediately lose your cool like that that you screw up

>Try calming down a little

>Qasim Eberhart

>... you too



>You couldn't keep up with the white knight at all

>I was watching

>Is it because only your body has gotten bigger that you can't produce any speed?


>Alright, head out back

>Seems I have settle this with a match


>You say that even though you've never beaten me with the sword

>Really, those guys...

>Herman Cross

>What's the matter with all this racket?


>The Knights of the Wind of all people...

>I could hear you from outside

>Roid Brehm

>Lord Roid

>Ah, my apologies for allowing such an unsightly display

>Knock it off you two!!

>Getting so worked up your runes shine is immature


>Everyone, you've worked hard until today

>Flap those sharpened wings without restraint

>in the upcoming battle that draws ever closer



>Theo, Xao

>There is noone who can approach your combination flight in aerial combat


>Your eyes, able to carefully see through anything, is something we cannot be without on the battlefield


>We entrust our backs to you


>You, with your immense pride and lack of fear in facing down anything shall take the vanguard



>Everyone, you've all steadily gotten stronger

>And we all have a wind at our backs

>The wind that will deliver victory to Windermere


>We will take back our sky

>For the great wind

>For the great wind!

>Hey Bogue



>Wouldn't it better if you also took after Keiths coolness?

>Ahum, well, one day I too will be like the honored white knight...

>Will he really?


>Big brother Keith

>Your highness

>I saw everyone coming back from my room


>Welcome back,

>big brother Keith

>Heinz Nehrich Windermere


>You do me great honour

>With your words

>Prince Heinz, you made it this far on your own

>It's no problem, do not worry


>Big brother Keith


>Your highness

>We have hitherto not completed our preparations for the battle that will establish the "Wind Sphere System"

>If you'll excuse me



>My sincerest apologies

>I will also take my leave


>Prince Heinz

>In our next battle we have no chance of victory without your wind

>I beg you to not over strain yourself

>I understand



>Your attitude just now was a bit too cold, was it not?

>To Prince Heinz, you

>are the one and only brother that he can rely on

>If that leads to his highness being dependent we have no need for it


>More importantly, Roid


>I trust there will be no problems with the plans of using Prince Heinz's song

>In the upcoming opreration right?


>We have already confirmed that Prince Heinz's singing does affect the Var

>The upcoming sortie is because of that final confirmation previously

>The operation has been decided to take place on Planet Al Shahal

>I see


>do not change the subject

>This operation is lost without the singer of the wind


>Do not place unnecessary burdens on Prince Heinz at this critical time

>That's all I have to say


>Just now

>I couldn't feel a single emotion coming from his rune

>This operation is lost without...



>What are you thinking

>You were the one that never changed

>Why is it that I cannot feel anything from your rune...?

>In the past, your feelings would always come across

>...Roid and Keith were actually at the start

>Not at all as quiet as they are now


>... You're right

>In the past, they were rowdy just like you guys

>Especially Keith was always getting into trouble

>And Roid would always pay him mind


>The two were basicly as siblings back then

>That is the story of when they were both baby birds....

>Continues in July issue (out May 28)

Chapter 2


>The sky I'm looking up at now

>Is not ours

>Keith Aero Windermere, age 10

>2031 AD, because of Earthlings coming from space

>This planet lost its sovereignty

>What we got in return was

>Wings for fighting called Variable Fighter as well as entertainment from other cultures


>The second wing: young wings


>The reality of occupation


>2058 AD

>Windermere Aerial Knight School


>You were here

>Is that him?



>The second prince


>Even though its hereditary custom

>For royalty to come the Knight school...

>I hear that he's renounced the succession rights though


>The princess consort gave birth to a son

>With that the illegitimate second prince

>I'm sure he did it to save face




>I can't accept this

>A new arrival that hasn't even learned basics to do flight training

>Favoritism just because he's royalty?

>You guys...


>He is good

>At feeling the wind




>The wind...


>Master Herman


>I saw your flight just now


>You really seemed to enjoy yourself

>Do you like flying

>... more than other training

>I see

>Hand to hand and sword fighting isn't your specialty then

>It's because those weren't needed at the castle

>Is the knights school not your liking,



>I'm not your 'highness' anymore!

>Oh I know, you're no longer the prince

>And in that case you'd do well to do away with lingering attachment for it


>You do have some attachment in being royalty, do you not?

>...However you used to live in the castle has no relevance here

>You came here to become a Knight, right?

>Then if you've come here

>The barracks is your house and the Knights are your family

>The place you return to is here

>And everyone that is here is your family


>Trust those around you

>If you cannot do that...

>Then noone around will be able to trust you either


>I have never trusted my family


>Hey newcomer

>You're being called

>Behind the lodgings house


>Just what the prince is planning

>Coming to the knight school I have no idea

>Did you come here to be pampered??

>Don't get ahead of yourself just because your getting prefferential treatment in training




>That frakker

>He pulled his rune



>I had planned to keep to a greeting

>You're gonna get it now

>I'll make it so you cannot fly again

>Alright that's enough



>If you do any more than that

>Then the instructors will undoubtedly get involved


>let's go


>They messed you pretty intensely

>If you get involved with me they'll target you too


>That was sort of like baptism for this school

>Everyone will think of you as family now


>... did they do this to you too?

>Who knows?

>It's started snowing




>Those bastards really did as they pleased

>You swung back too didn't you?

>It's even

>What you said earlier

>Master Hermnan said something similiar

>Master Herman did?

>Thinking of the Knight school as your house

>Everyone of the knights are you family.


>I feel that throwing away the rights of succession and being thrown out to join the Knight School

>was a good thing


>I don't have an interest in politics

>And I've never thought that I wanted to be king

>It was boring living in the castle


>To just sUddenly think of everyone here as much family

>... is difficult

>Just what a family even is

>I don't even really know


>I have something I want to protect

>I came to Knight school for that reason

>I think that the connection of family is wonderful but

>.. everyone has their own reasons

>Keith you like flying don't you?

>Just having that feeling

>I don't think there's anything wrong with being here


>You'll find it

>Your reason for being a knight

>Reason for being

>A knight

>Well whatever the case we're from now on in this together

>Let's get along

>... yeah

>Don't go too overboard now. It might get me into trouble as well




>I was asked to see the prince

>To see Heinz

>I'm worrying over what do

>If my heart houses lingering attachments, then I should go see him

>Will you come with me?


>Windermere Royal Palace


>Princess consort

>Its Keith Aero Windermere, I'm coming

>Oh, welcome

>Thank you for coming

>Will you see Heinz?





>He's cute...very

>haha, thank you


>Your hand


>I have a request

>This child... Heinz

>Please protect him as your brother

>I wont be able live long enough to see this child grow up

>As this child's family

>At his side



>It was boring in the castle

>There was noone around me who was my ally

>What everyone wanted was the first prince

>Mother and father didn't protect me


>Will this child become like me too?

>I understand

>Please leave it to me. In order that this child doesn't become alone

>I will... no

>I will protect him


>As a knight

>As a brother...

>Thank you

>Please take good care of him


>I tihnk I may have gotten

>an idea of what family is

>I wonder if it will be good if I can connect like this ot everyone else


>I am sure they will accept you?



>Oh it's you

>I'm not 'you



>Keith Aero Windermere

>I am!

>Ah. Well I know that...

>Tell me your name

>And after that

>Hand to hand

>And swordsmanship

>I would be glad if you taught me


>I'm told my form isn't very good

>I can't really tell myself

>I'm Morris

>Let's get along, newbie


>Alright! Well then

>We're doing 'that'


>It's fine right, Roid?

>Eh? aah

>It's fine I think


>Hey, just what is 'that'?



>Just what are you going...



>Don't screw around

>Just what is this!?


>Haha, it's this place's initiation

>All newcomers do this

>With this, we're now family

>See you tommorrow




>Let's head back then?


>Don't tell me

>They're gonna live me like this?

>Aa choo!

>crap, those a-holes

>I'm absolutely not forgiving them

>next time the starting pages will be in color as thanks for all the support!

>continued in august issue (out july 28)

Still don't see how Windermere was oppressed. They got a tech uplift gaining VF tech and they still have their knight tradition. Are they really complaining about music?

They have this we are taking back MUH Sky and they doing this by creating the Wind Sphere Sector. Conquering planets around them. The Frak? They are complaining about their sovereignty and they are taking everyone else's.

I'm starting feel like an elf or more accurately a Vulcan during Enterprise getting tired being accused by Humans of keeping them down not giving them Vulcan warp drive tech. Only Terra Prime won and became the Terran Empire.

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Interesting development in the Keith manga.

Windermere Protoculture ruins have Fold Quartz. Local NUNS has most of it monitored with its garrison however some like the twins sell Fold Quartz pendants. The Exdel variety of Windermere apples are grown near the ruins.

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Reading the Macross Extra wikipedia entry it is a surprise that Elma Hoily from Macross Dynamite 7 makes a cameo here. Elma is a Chaos biologist consultant. in Macross F novelization she had a successful music career. I'll chalk it up to Lawrence's influence. She'd be 27 years old in 2062.


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Currently up to date with Keith's manga, though it doesn't really change my opinion on the Aerial Knights or Windermere.  The cause of the revolution, for the king at least, can be summed up as pretty much "Make Windermere great again," and "They took our jerbs!"  due to their relationship with the NUNS (the fold quartz).  All of the Knights except for Qasim come from noble rich families and spent most of the revolution training at the knight school.  Qasim is probably the only one with a legitimate reason to fight before the revolution started with a botched NUNS training mission that destroyed much of his town's apple harvest.  He eventually joined the Knights due to attrition.  Bogue might as well be the weakest link out of the group thanks to the manga.  He pretty much only got to join the Knights due to his family connections and not his piloting skills, especially when it's revealed that they may have been financial backers for the whole organization.  Unfortunately, that is also probably the reason they were targeted during the revolution.  Most of his family didn't die from the dimensional bomb.

Yes, its whole purpose is to give both some background and development for a lot of flat characters from the show, but as of right now it is also the only POV we have of the major conflict bringing the plot of the whole show together.  In terms of scope, not really interested in seeing Keith longingly gaze into Roid's eyes in a heterosexual way all the time when there are more important things happening in this world.  The most interesting thing to me from the manga has nothing to do with Keith or the Knights, and it pretty much sums up my frustration with the manga.  In one of the recent chapters Wright Immelman appears in in a random encounter of Keith pretty much in a Chaos style infiltration mission with fake runes.  And so far nothing else comes of it.

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13 minutes ago, jenius said:

Why do you think it's a heterosexual gaze? I was of the opinion he professed his love of Roid just before killing him. 

If it weren't a Macross story I'd suspect it was veering into Boys Love territory... or, given the lineup of Aerial Knights, some kind of Windermere Knight School Host Club series.

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