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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!

VERITECH Fighter Masterfile Coverart Collection


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I'm plannning to publish VERITECH MASTER-FILE source book privately my own account as like Aviation Book Series "Aero Detail " !

My own Fanmade VF masterfile sourcebook ( VF, not " Variable Fighter " but " VERITECH Fighter " , and Japanese Kanji character imprint said the same vocabulary "可変戦闘機" ) 

yui1107's DeviantArt gallery

TAF-01-SCF is F-206 Falcon II http://worldofjaymz.wikia.com/wiki/F-206_Falcon_II
Atmospheric Medium Weight VERITECH Fighter
VF-7 sylpheed

( ASC code : TAF-02-SCF )



Light Weight & Low cost Fighter VF-8 Logan

ASC code : TASC-01-SCF



The coverart of VERITECH Fighter / Helicopter MASTER FILE  VFH-10 Auroran , VFH-12 Super Auroran

ASC code : TASC-02-SCF
a.k.a : AGACS / Super AGACS
Published by : Yui Entertainment Inc.

超時空騎団サザンクロス ロボテックに登場する 可変戦闘機攻撃ヘリコプター「VFH-10 オーロラン」、「VFH-12 スーパーオーロラン」の VFマスターファイルがもし実現したらとの想定で制作した自費出版の表紙。
部 隊内識別記号 TASC・01-SCF 宇宙機甲隊略号TASC,Tactical Armored Space Corps, 直訳は「戦術宇宙機甲・飛行航宙軍団」が第13話以降、激化する戦局に対応して使用した可変戦闘機。全長全高12 m 強、戦闘機形態でのローター除く胴体長 9 m と本作品の可変戦闘機としては最も大型の部類に入る。



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VERITECH Fighter - Attacker MASTER FILE  

SFA-5 Conbat
VF -6 Genia
VFA-6 Legioss


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Interestingly, if you have some 3d model Auroran could you share?asl

Please ask Mr. Brian Denmeade via Facebook or Twitter sincerely !









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What an SDF-01 of a non-Macross Robotech series could look like if it was based on the basic design of the Big West Macross ship, but with a totally original Mospeada styling. This craft could be transformable, and was modeled with that possibility in mind. It is close enough to resemble the Big West SDF-01, but different enough to be a completely original and new design based solely on Harmony Gold's Mospeada property. If Robotech were ever rebooted or re-imagined, I hope this is the road they would take.

This model took me about 7 hours to do, so it is still a bit rough, but it gets the point across I think.

I didn't add any side ships to the docking arms because I couldn't decide on Ikarzuki type ships or Southern Cross Tokugawa types.

This ship has the same number of weapons as the Macross SDF-01, but has a twin particle beam cannon rather than the massive super-dimensional-energy beam cannon of the Macross SDF-01.

Again, this design was made to illustrate how you can have Robotech without Macross.

I don't do this type of thing often, and probably won't do another model of this type for some time.

The engines, overall shape, bridge, and weapons are all derived from the Izumo, Ikarzuki, and Garfish from Mospeada. NO Macross elements were used in this design.

Oh, as an aside, I named it Atlas to go along with the whole Daedalus, Prometheus, etc. type of naming scheme, that was the only element from Macross that I actually used. It is a tentative name as I was too tired to come up with anything else when I finished this model. smile.gif

SDF-01 Mospeada by Kodai-Okuda


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Nice 3D VF artwork. :)

I thought at first it's part of a show or something. But it's a Fan Art. Cool. ;) But is this should be in the Fan Works?

Moved it from the Fans Section because it's non-Macross. This site is Macross and Macross only. Everything else goes here. Unless it's a toys for sale or trade. :)

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VERITECH Fighter Master File series Extra Issue : Space Vessels Master File

SDF-1 class

Super Dimention Fortress 01 " Macross "
Space Defence Fortress 01 " Atlas "


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Robotech Masters Bioroids No.1 ( 1of 6 )
VERITECH Fighter Master File Extra


  • Nous'dohl (Blue)
  • T'siendral (Green)
  • Gister'dohl (Carmine Red )

The Primary stage Variants , ASC code name :
Bioroid Early Type I
Bioroid Early Type II
Bioroid Early Type II - bis


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Music Video 01 : The Robotech Masters (Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross) episode 53. "The Hunters" , the AGACS (VERITECH Gyrodyne copter VFH-10A "Auroran" ) music video with ” Le Chevalier D'Eon” OST Track 09 "Gargoyle " .
Original Japanese Air Date:August 5, 1984 (Sunday). Originally schedules episode number 39. Southern Cross Episode 16 "Hunter Killer " , ( Robotech: The Masters Saga Episode 53. The Hunters) .

▼ The successer of VF-1 Valkylie

VFH-10 " Auroran " (AGACS) , VERITECH Fighter Master File sourcebook

  1. DAILYMOTION MUSIC VIDEO about VERITECH Fighter-Helicopter (Gyrodyne) VFH-10A " Auroran " (AGACS)
  2. DAILYMOTION MUSIC VIDEO about VERITECH Fighter VF-7 " sylpheed "

The Collection of mecha and aircraft action scenes which edited a film to a music video until Episode 8 "metal fire" ( Robotech Masters l Episode 45 "Metal Fire " ) which was 1/5 (by break shortening story number 24 episodes conversion 1/3) by "the Super Dimension Cavalry Southern Cross" that I followed, and (the second) scheduled all 39 episodes, approximately 40 episodes conversion again.

▼ The successer of VF-1 Valkylie
VERITECH Fighter Master File Sourcebook "VF-7 sylpheed"

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ca19f3dd65b669c2.jpg ( Gyrodyne mode , and Fighter mode) TASC Marine Division VFH-12 "Super Auroran" https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10150638780154944.1073741845.23958284943&type=1&l=804a2bb688

( Gyrodyne mode ) TASC Marine Division VFH-12 Super Auroran

AH-1 SeaCobra / SuperCobra and AH-1Z Viper that was developed for the United States Marine Corps (USMC).
AGACS will develop for the United Earth Marine Corps (UEMC),also.




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The White and Black line , and point color art for your own original color scheme plan, Ofcourse I correct "Coaxial roter" miss-used jet blast nozzle directions (Brian Manning misunderstood the aero dynamics theory ) .


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I've come to realize that I have an unhealthy love for the Southern Cross mecha. Macross gets all the love, Mospeada gets some love, but Southern Cross is the unloved step-child. I was so happy when we were THIIIIIS close to getting Captain America to make us an AGAC kit like his Alpha fighter. Pity it fell through :(

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Super AGACS , VFH-12 Super Auroran , the Ventral View revised line drawings image ! (800 x 482 pixels , image file type : PNG )

" Fixed winged Aerospace Fighter " to " Gyrodyne " (some of people miss-understanding Helicopter or Chopper , and more important fact, the mode is Atmosphere only using , substitute for GERWALK / Guardian mode) and " Battloid ", three configuration.


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  1. 1/48 Colored scheme Fully transformable VERITECH Hover Tank "Spartus"
  2. Fully transformable VERITECH Hover Tank "Spartus" 17 pieces image gallery by RITOKATA





The cruise mode hovercraft


Dana Sterling (Jeanne Fránçaix) with armour (" Arming Doublet " , A.D.)



The self-propelled gun (SPG) , guardian mode



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VERITECH Hovertank in battle by X1Commander on Deviantart

Digital Art / 3-Dimensional Art
Just a quick picture I threw together of an ATAC Hovertank group in a battle out in the open. They may not stand much of a chance, but they'll give it their best shot !

Hovertank Transform All 3 modes - YouTube.htm


Hovertank Transform All 3 modes - YouTube.htm

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