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Refurbishing an old kitten


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Scpred this at goodwill this moring for !1.29. Needs some tlc and looking for advice on where to get parts to replace the missing ordinance. Not sure who made it. Contains a lot of metal pieces, weapon fins, glove vanes, tail hook etc... any help appreciated.







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This looks like the hand-made wood models from the Philippines. It doesn't look custom or anything, but if you move the decimal from what you paid, they average around $129.00! Eeewww, they glitter glued it too! That's just wrong!

It looks 1/48th scale from the photos. If it is, just use the parts from an old kit. Fixing the parts and repainting will be the fun part, though. Matching finishes is a pain! Maybe you can contact one of the company's on ebay or other site that do wood models? You may end up spending the original value just to fix it! I hope that helps you somewhat. - MT

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It's sitting on top of my 17" laptop so I think it is bigger than 1:48, will measure when I get home. I saw a similar one that was 1:36 scale, I know these wooden models are weird scales.

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