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Wanted: Takatoku, Yamato, CM's products

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Howdy folks, I'm looking to acquire some toys for reviews on my website. I have lots of good stuff I can offer up for trade as well as cold (actually room temperature) hard (well, crumpled) cash. Since I would like these things for my website, the more like-new they are the better.


4) Takatoku 1/144 Collector's series VF-1S Focker
5) Takatoku 1/144 Collector's series Tomahawk
6) Yamato Gnu Dou VF-1 toys

1) Matchbox reissues of the 1/144 Destroid toys (all variants)
2) Matchbox Bioroid
3) Matchbox Bioroid sled toy
4) Matchbox VF-1 toy (for 1/18 scale pilot)
5) Exosquad VF-1 toy (for 1/18 scale pilot)
6) Matchbox Zentraedi power armor toys (either/both variants)
7) Matchbox Invid toys (Scout and Shock Trooper)
8- Toynami 30th anniversary VF-1A Max TV Version

1) Yamato AV-98 1/24 Ingram USA color (BLUE!)
2) CM's AV-98 Reactive Armor Ingram
3) CM's vinyl Asuka MPL-96 (not the orange one but the other two)

It's kind of a random smattering of stuff but if you have it and you're looking to clear up some space and grab some cash, let me know! I also have an assortment of toys I'd happily trade so if you have something on my list and also something you've been looking for but can't find we could probably work out a trade.

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Updated! I also have lots of rare toys in my collection currently so if you have something I want and you're not married to it but there is some obscure Macross, Mospeada, or Votoms toy you're looking for, I'd be happy to discuss a trade.

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List updated! I have the following Yamato V2 toys to trade, all complete with box and all accessories, all in excellent condition with any flaws noted):
7) VF-1J Mass Production
9 ) Yamato Olive Drab Weathering Tomahawk
10) Bandai DX Konig Monster (standard version)
11) Bandai DX Konig Monster (Tamashii exclusive version)
12) Takatoku 1/100 Max VF-1J
Obviously, if you're interested, I can snap some pics.

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I have the Takatoku Tomahawk and the Spartan still in their boxes, decals not applied.

May have the Phalanx and the Defender still too

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100% looking for that Tomahawk and may be interested in the others if they're in similar condition. I have the others but they are all have their decals applied. You're on the other side of the world though so shipping costs might make it tough to work something out ;(. PM me though to talk it through.

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naa shipping wont be much, they aren't that big. I can ship them through work. I got them to repaint and use in my 1/144 city fight diorama with Gimix Battroids against the 1/100 ARAI Pods but everyone here said not to repaint them as they were collectible.

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