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Best Combining / Combiner Anime Robots

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With an official Voltron toy from Mad Toys in the works and Dangaio coming out soon on Blu-ray. I was thinking, what are the best or fan favorite combining robots? And do they have good toys available? These are the top that I remember.

Voltron Lions

I think Voltron is the first combining robot that I ever saw and maybe still the best. The idea of robot lions that can fly and also transform into a large robot was and is just as cool as the Macross Valkyrie. And the form Blazing Sword weapon and animation is probably one of the best scenes in animation.


Probably the second best combining robot. The anime was serious too. The passage of time thing was something I didn't expect. The Soul of Chogokin version looks really good. I missed the first version and I'm going to get the color version.


There was something more destructive about Dangaio compared to the others when I first watched it on a bootleg VHS. I don't remember at that time seeing large robots fight in the middle of a city. And although many of the weapons like the sword and shooting hands were in Voltron, the more complex design of the ships and Dangaio was something new. I wish someone would make another toy other than that expensive version.

Mighty Orbots

I always liked this cartoon. It was one of those Saturday morning shows that was always on early. Even as a kid something didn't seem right about the Orbots though. I could kind of tell it was like Voltron, how the robots came from certain areas like the ocean. But when they combined it seemed wrong. Now I see that the scale is crazy. But I still want a toy version and they could release a complete DVD or Blu-ray while they are at it so I can see the whole thing.

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Voltron(both of them) are awesome. I REALLY like VoltesV(or as I am used to from the crappy dub I watched fifty million times growing up Voltus V) is another fave. Getter Robo and Getter Robo G even though they are pure anime magic. And even though I couldn't get into the show GaoGaiGar is fricking amazing.

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Getter Robo is my fave gattai...



Unfortunately, Bandai hasn't perfected the necessary engineering to make a perfect transformation SOC version. Their various Getter Robo and Getter Robo G SOCs are parts-formers instead, as reviewed by Charles:


So for now, the best Gattai SOC for me for the money is the recent GX-31V 40th-anniversary edition:



The GX-03 Combattler V above is a bit wonky compared to GX-31V. I don't think the updated GX-50 Combattler V really has engineering improvements to be in the same class as GX-31V, but it's been commanding a very hefty scalper-pricing right now as is the original GX-31V release.

That said, you oughta check Charles' yt-page ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCx0nKp-HJ_ZF2kTZGZHGJoA) for Soul of Chogokin stuff, especially Voltes V and the other gattai SOCs that are bigger than GX-31V.

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Here's a few more you may not have seen. Neither have a great transforming toy yet but I wouldn't be surprised if we see one soon.

Tryon 3

Genesic GaoGaiGar

Oops I almost forgot one, it has an OK toy but I keep hoping something better will pop up.

Might Gaine

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oh wow!

shame it was only for a pachinko game rather than a full on remake.

I seem to recall reading online that there was talk at the time of turning that reboot title sequence into an actual series, but it never got off the ground. Damn shame, cos I'd LOVE to see it happen. That is definitely one of the best modernizations of a classic super robot ever. That is how Voltron/golion needs treated. Don't go EXTREME with updating it. Just enough to make it look more realistic and leave it at that.

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All of these are new to me. And many a lot older than I expected.

Do Transformers combiner count? Because there's a whole toy series based on combiners ^_^;; Devastator, Superion, Stunticons, Predacons, Protectobots, techonobots, combaticons, etc....

They count but I didn't think they were as cool as the ones I mentioned in the OP. I owned the Constructicons and the jet one. Who knows what happened to them.

Voltron(both of them) are awesome. I REALLY like VoltesV(or as I am used to from the crappy dub I watched fifty million times growing up Voltus V) is another fave. Getter Robo and Getter Robo G even though they are pure anime magic. And even though I couldn't get into the show GaoGaiGar is fricking amazing.

I never could get into the vehicle Voltron. I had the toy and sold it. Hated it. Those truck feet and loose fists. It felt like cheap plastic compared to the metal lions. Also the show seemed generic after the exotic and cool lions.

GaoGaiGar seems out there. A bullet train and other vehicles that come out of the water. They seem to start as a robot and the final fusion makes them even more powerful.

How can it not be Aquarion? That got me thinking I still need to get hold of the DX Chogokin one from the first series. ^_^

I've only seen the openings to Aquarion. The music is pretty good. When I checked youtube for the transformation sequence there was talk about being nude to transform. I need to see a full episode because that seemed like way too much fan service.

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Gaogaigar is awesome.

He starts as a robot lion,Galeon. That combines with the cyborg pilot, Gai, to become GaiGar. And that then combines with a stealth bomber, a bullet train, an a drill-tank-thing to become GaoGaiGar. Who later gets a transforming tank-robot that transforms into a giant fist and doomsday weapon/squeaky hammer that he ADDITIONALLY combines with.

It is a show that revels in being over-the-top.

Also, there is a police-car ninja-robot named Volfogg. That happily gives scale the finger as it combines with a helicopter and a motorcycle to make Big Volfogg, the most creatively named combiner ever.

And these robots are all literally powered by courage(the G-Stone at their heart is some sort of emotional catalyst thing), so it makes logical setting sense for them to get more powerful when our heroes get worked up.

It's really hard to overstate how much I adore this show in all it's earnest silliness.

Aquarion is also awesome, despite the combinations(which are taking a pun too far.). I have no gushing over-the-top things to say about it, but it's pretty cool.

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They count but I didn't think they were as cool as the ones I mentioned in the OP.

Bah. Predaking rules. Unlike Devastator (the construction guys),Superion (the jet guys) Menasor, Defensor, Computron, Abominus, and Pirancon (all the other G1 Transformer combiners who weren't Micromasters) who used extra parts to make their combined robots' torsos look different than the torsos of the guys in the middle, Predaking proudly kept his torso-bot's chest as his own, because it's a freaking lion's head. Plus, he's got wings on his back, guns on his back that can fire over his shoulders, a gun on his arm, and a sword.

Now, the question of a good toy is tricky... Hasbro/Takara haven't released any new versions of Predaking, although they recently re-issued the original toy. For it's time, I think Predaking was a pretty good toy... he was certainly bigger than some of the other Transformers combiners. But, like a lot of Transformers from that time, I don't think he's aged that well. His wings and sword are too small, his head is too big, his lower legs are attached off-center, since his torso bot is the same size as the limbs he's built like a gorilla, the cartoon's back cannons are just little numbs on his shoulders, and he's got next to nothing in the way of articulation. That said, there's a group called Mastermind Creations that makes a toy called Feral Rex which is an unlicensed Predaking in all but name. Feral Rex (and his individual components) havs all the articulation you could want in a modern toy (including a waist swivel and ankle tilts), better proportions, a mammoth sword, and the back cannons of the animation model, plus he uses some neat tricks like using joints in the waists of the arm bots for elbows and some extensions in the lion's mane that fold up and hide on the torso bot to better give him a distinct look from the combined robot. Only downside is it can be a little expensive collecting all individual robots, who aren't always in stock due to their popularity (I'm personally still waiting for both of the arm robots, who I've had preordered since mid-January).


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