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NEW Fave,,, pic's to help make a Megaroad.


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Megaroad this will help give you all the knowledge of how make the city in side... I found them on the net & had stated over 3 years back picking up the 3-D City Puzzle's set's now I have 6 or 8 of them ,& I plan on having more of them latter.

for the model ..

YES it be A vary big model. I wish to make but will only be about 1/3 rd.,

of the size I need for all my city building's to go in to .

& Yes I've even looked at the inner city in side of the ship being 1/2 the size of 3-D City Puzzle's.

to build the ship I truly think YOU MUST Build the City 1'st,, then the ship around it & have A 2'nd City

Built as a back up till you prefect your work. on the ship.





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Go to BING>COM / IMAGES's ,,,,,,,,,,,,type in SD Puzzle's or look on Amazon.com

their a few that are lil bigger,, & the maps that are very small the only map that is big enough Is the Toronto Canada,

all the City's Puzzle's are same size kit's.

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Thank you they are what helped me decide what to use in my large ship of the mega road I'm working on , on paper design for now, must get a lot of supplies' to make it & may be by that time ill have a 3-D printer hope in it will make the parts I need with out having to have other people to make the parts for me.

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