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Toys & Art Books For Sale - Artmic/Gold Book/Perfect Memory/TIA/De


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As part of my continuing collection downsizing, I'm offering a nice selection of art books for sale. I'm also offering the last few toys I have on hand - please see descriptions and photos below. All items have been well kept and are in excellent used condition unless as noted.

Please send a me a private message listing the items you're interested in. Items are sold on first-come, first-served basis. I accept Paypal and am on the SSL.

Price includes postage within the Continental US (I am located in Southern California). There will be additional cost for international shipping.


Macross Gold Book - Macross: Do You Remember Love Data Bank w/ Case, Obi and Poster (no filmstrip) 404pp $140.00

Variable Fighter Master File Vol. 1 VF-1 Valkyrie 128pp $25.00 SOLD
Variable Fighter Master File Vol. 2 VF-1 Valkyrie 128pp $25.00 SOLD

ARII-IMAI Magazine for Anime & Hobby Fan Vol. 7 Macross & Orguss 22pp $8.00
Macross Do You Remember Love Movie Program 1984 26pp $10.00
Figure-OH #130 Macross Age 11/2008 168pp $10.00
Mospeada Complete Art Works Entertainment Archive 156pp $55.00 SOLD
Gatchaman Film Comics Vol. 1 (160pp) & Vol. 2 (160pp) $20.00
Roman Album #62 - Aura Battler Dunbine 142pp $12.00
Roman Album #59 - Galaxy Cyclone Braiger w/ Poster 106pp $12.00


Miracle Productions Voltron Vehicle Force (v2) - Complete with all accessories. This unit is like-new and flawless $160.00

Takatoku 1/60 Gerwalk Nikick MBG-24C - Taiwan KO - Toy is in great condition. Includes gun and two missiles. Box is rough $30.00














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Final price drop. Items in OP are up to date and available as indicated.

I'm quite surprised that no one has hit me up for the Gold Book yet; is it just a case that everybody who wants one already has it, or is there something wrong with this one? ;)

As always, thanks for viewing.

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