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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!

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Not airing, it's a limited theatrical screening. And from what I hear, it's really tough to get tickets to.

If we get in, we'll report on it ASAP, though.

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Currently at the Japan Amusement Expo and...DELTA?

Some new info on upcoming prize figures:

Freyja: June

A bit off-topic, but is there an official romaji/English spelling of Freya/Freyja? (For that matter, what's her name in kana?) I've never seen Freya spelled with a "j" before.

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Courtesy of the scorned Tochiro here on the boards... Pics of the Macross Delta cast, including the triangle of hayate (Yuuma Uchida), Freyja (Minori Suzuki) & Mirage (Asami Seto). If he was here to post these himself, I'm sure he'd have some more info on these. They do look quite interesting.



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Hmmmn. The only name that immediately strikes me as an obvious aviation-themed homage is Heinz, almost certainly after Heinz Bär.

Herman, if we add another N, could be Göring. But I don't think anybody would want to name a character after him, regardless of his piloting skills.

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I wonder what her origin is. Zentran blood probably? Now I have visions of seeing her macronized :D

I get the feeling Makina will sell more hug pillows than anyone outside of Mikumo.

Likely but I'm hoping for a mixed Zolan like Michael. Making Delta and Walkure a multi-cultural team.

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