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DX Chogokin YF-29 (Alto) Durandal Valkyrie - Reissue


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1 minute ago, Slave IV said:

Haha, if you mean by scalper, the place that will have one of the lowest prices and a website that doesn’t crash, yep!

Yeah, like their super low Kakizaki DX price.

And their website doesn't crash because no onec an get on it because of that stupid waiting room ticket BS they have.

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2 minutes ago, Falcon said:

But is it confirmed? They don't ask for payment and it's taken a while...

You'll get an email when it's confirmed.  So... not until you go through it till completion and then get an email confirming (assuming you mean AmiAmi)

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Just now, Sandman said:

Yeah let’s see if he’ll still simp for them when he can’t get one. Though he says he can get any preorder every time.

Haha, I never said I can order there every time. Most the time, yes. Don’t care who you all want to badmouth or praise. All I care is getting the same thing for the lowest price, wherever that is. 

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1 minute ago, IssAC said:

I never ordered from them before and this is my first time. Anyone ordered stuff from Nin-nin before?

I ordered a VF-31A from them a long while back. After the release date, they said they "didn't receive enough stock" and canceled my order. They tried to offer me store credit and I told them hell no, I want a full refund. They obliged.

A week later they were selling VF-31As marked up to like $500.

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