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1 hour ago, Chronocidal said:

Thanks, fair enough, I guess it's just always been that way.  Never going to not rub me the wrong way, but at least that's one less thing to blame directly on Bandai. :p 

Yeah, but did he say it with his mouth tilted and TWICE AS LOUD as whenever he says un spacy?   :D

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I'm passing on this, already having the Advance and the Arcadia 19. As far as the tampo goes, I appreciate it, as Arcadia's was just a little too plain (I mean they didn't even put intake markings on it- pretty much a gimme for all valks), but looking at both my Advance and the new YF-19, Bandai could stand to scale back a little. There's a point where it just becomes gaudy, and they've gone past that point. Too, I wish they'd simplified the intake markings to just a sideways V. Their graphics dept must have been given carte blanche, and they're going all out. 

Pretty neat how they were able to collapse the arm cannon for transformation. I always figured that'd be one of those add-ons that either gets put on for a battroid display, or stays in the box. 

Given that Plus was an obvious homage to the real world competition between the YF-22 and the YF-23 at Edwards AFB only a few years prior, I love that Kawamori mirrored that in the setting of Plus, even if it was on another planet.  It's still one of my favorite anime.

I'm hoping Bandai will follow up with a YF-21 and variants, but yeah, I'm sure it'll be plastered with tampo too. I'm just curious what kind of engineering they'll pull out of their asses to make a better all-around proportioned toy, unlike the old skinny-legged Yamato. 

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Maybe no one noticed, but the inner thigh on the 19's battroid mode left leg seems to be of a slightky darker shade. Like after an outing at the beach wearing shorts...

I just hope it's just lighting playing tricks. The shade on the HMR VT-1 had me spooked a bit on bandai's control of the color process...

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The "Sinsei" doesn't bother me, cause as anyone who's ever spent some time in Japan knows, major corporations make HUGE spelling mistakes in English all the time, on everything.  So it makes sense that they would do it on a plane in the future too.

Anyway, the leg fin things that I don't know what to call that everyone was angry about.....the black/red seems to be in the right placement now?

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11 hours ago, Chronocidal said:

Bandai certainly does seem to love painting figures based on animation errors. :rolleyes: 

5 hours ago, David Hingtgen said:

Nowhere near as much as Takara though.  They LIVE for animation errors.  


I was thinking, how often would license holders be kept in the loop to vet and ok the schemes used? There would be a licensing division to handle it?

Toy makers may want to be creative and such, but I don't thk they can simply release schemes, if the licensors themselves don't allow it.

Makes you wonder if the licensors bother to look at what's planned, or perhaps they give lots of leeway when it comes to paint schemes...

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After a long time, I transformed my VF-19 Advance from battroid to fighter mode. This bird is really PITA to transform:huh: Impossible to not scratch anything.

I hope Bandai smooth out YF-19 transformation process a bit (better tolerance etc).

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5 minutes ago, spacemanoeuvres said:

The fold booster looks great. I wish it could light up like the Yamato version. 

NY release date is 09/22

I think is huge very very huge miss opportunity by Bandai not adding that, but still is totally understandable why probably they didn't add that little gimmick and that is to maintain a reasonable price. Maybe they will sell later on the light up feature  as Tamashi Exclusive for 100 bucks :D    

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Still got the floating wing glove tabs, and I'm guessing the process of locking down the shoulders with the fast packs on hasn't gotten any easier. :p

Also fun that due to molding seams, depending on which side you view, the plane is either made by SIN SEI INDUSTRY, or SINSEI INDUS TRY.

Yeah, I'm gonna have long and intense scraping sessions with this bird.

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1 hour ago, seti88 said:

This is my brrrrttt smiley :p

Coincidentally, I recall the gunpods in macross do have that sound when firing, no? :lol:

Dang that question is gonna bug me now...

The original GU-11 gunpod is definitely based on the real life GAU-8 on the A 10.

In terms of sound, the DYRL gunpod makes a similar sound to the GAU-8. I doubt it's an actual sample of the GAU sound, though.

The TV show is bit more inconsistent (surprise).  Sometimes it sounds like the DYRL gunpod, sometimes it makes a more generic "laser" sound.

I definitely prefer the DYRL sound, personally.


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