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Bandai Sv-262 DX valk


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the more I look at these pics, I really wonder why they don't just make the whole stand CLEAR, or everything CLEAR and just leave the base black.

I read somewhere that clear piece is more fragile than colored one, but I'm not sure how true that it.

I too wish Bandai could have the adapter and support made in clear, but I'm happy they at least make an effort.

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Looks like the sword just folds in half, and honestly, with how big those legs are, I bet Bandai could pull it off without much trouble. Looks like there's a ton of room in the shins.

Ofcourse they will. One just the hilt for leg storage. And one whole sword. ;)

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BANDAI do that so often with SHFiguarts, one of the latest example is Kylo Ren SHF, previous one without alternate head, now with one -_-

To be honest I only collect their Star Wars and Marvel stuff but they've only done it once.

Side view. This one is just like the VF-17. Simply no way to make it as sleek as in the show.

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