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Same here, I opted for sleep. It looks like it sold out much faster than expected. 

I wonder if NY or AE will even open their POs today. 

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2 hours ago, Sandman said:

wow that went quick for something with no apparent interest. Must be limited numbers.

Could be the same numbers as the first release. They have a lot more data about potential demand than we do.

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SUPER lucky for me...Ami's preorder's were open for a few seconds.


I'm guessing someone canceled their order and I happened to be refreshing the window at the right time.

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3 minutes ago, Shukenzero said:

Can’t believe with some of us sitting this out it was still a pain to P.O. Maybe they offered the attachments for people already in possession of the drakens and the new drakens set will have attachments? If they don’t I guess it’s no biggie.

I was expecting easier Pre-order but no, it sold out faster than yf-19.

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6 hours ago, Chronocidal said:

The bracket basically locks into the underside hardpoint on the outer wing section, wraps around the wing and provides a different hardpoint on top of the wing, and then braces the outer portion against the underside of the inner section of the wing so it won't fold all the way down.

I have a sneaking suspicion it won't actually prevent the wings from folding up straight, but the drones will collide with the tails unless you fold them inward.

thanks, i was trying to figure that out:wacko:

7 hours ago, F360 said:

Im pretty sure you mean Cancelled. :p

you didnt miss it yet , 2 hours and 43 minutes to go. 

damn, i missed it:p this time for real. i slept like a baby... i guess the clips don't really appeal to me.

7 hours ago, davidwhangchoi said:

yeah just kidding^_^ i was trying to fool the cat:ph34r:

@no3Ljmthat gif is still funny^_^ 

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