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1/285 Fan-Made Models for RPG Tactics.


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REF Officer Battle Pod (OBP-Z2)

used a gluag model to create this model based on Kevin Long's version of the Z2. unfortunately this is the only image of the mecha. this was the source image I used to try scale the unit correctly, which is why it is cropped weird.

the glaug in the last image is to scale, I believe. I'll find out soon when I have it in my hands.




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Star Goose (SHC-08 Star Goose)

The thought here was to make an objective marker. Defend this for one side, destroy this for the other. I used a base model on this one. I added in the Thrusters, windows, and some panel lines. I played with lengthening and shortening the fuselage to get it right as well.

I probably need to go in a modify the wing fins to be more taller. I need to make the lower wing fins a little bit thicker, they are prone to breakage.

compared it with the 1/285 scale model for the VF-1J to show size.

It took a couple falls, one in the car while transporting it, the fin on the far back broke off at that time but I found it and was able to glue it back on, then I dropped it showing it to a friend that runs a GW store. the tip of the close fin broke off then. I clipped them both to match and painted over it.




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I'm waiting to find out what is going wrong with the OBP-Z2, I ordered it last week and it went from in production to processing order. so the print must have failed. This happened before with the Lancer II. I'm not sure how to release the model for the star goose. I need to work on it some more to make it more durable. I've been working on an Alpha fighter/battloid mini in 285 scale. But it kinda looks messed up in my current experimental version. The weird part is that the messed up looking version matches the size specs for it.

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The good news is the OBP-Z2 was successfully printed. finished up the base design on the Alpha. need to go back in and make the diffirent heads. I geared out the arms and legs to be poseable before rendering the file out as well. Also planning on adding some of the optional weapon systems as well. I was able to scale it to 1/350 as well. I posted these renders over there but going to post them here as well.

Started working on the Beta. I've got this part done so far to my liking.





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the Alpha and Beta. the more I work with these, it kinda turns me off to robotech. I've already corrected the foot issue with the Diver/Gerwalk/Guardian mode. note these were sized to robotech's size. according to Robotech's stats the Beta is actually larger then the VF-1 series. You could probably link up a VF-1 series to it.



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On 10/19/2015 at 6:38 PM, Firesped said:

got the OBP-Z2 back and i have it painted up now with at least an initial cost of paint. had some issues with the legs spanning off so I went back into the model and thickened up the leg connectors. It doesn't stand on its own, so I need to put it on a base.


Did you make the 3D file for this yourself? If so, are you going to be sharing this for download?


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