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Help: old 1:60 1A Yamota grabbed


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Check out the yamato version 2 of the 1/60 VF-1s manufactured in the late 2000's to today. Arcadia has since taken up releasing them. They're beautiful toys.


in this pic, which one woorth to grab?

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The middle row is all 1/60 V2 Valkyries. The bottom row is a set of super parts for their larger 1/48 scale VF-1s, and an arcadia VF-0 that just came out. The top row has a VF-1 release I'm not too familiar with, and ignore that Regult. It's Robotech Toynami Schlock.

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The middle ones are the 1/60v2 valks. I don't have the VF-1D, but the Max and Kaki 1As are totally worth it, especially with the 1J to complete the Vermilion Team:


Check out Saburo's even better hi-res pics for the 1A's:

VF-1A Max:


VF-1A Kakisaki:


Check out this thread for VF-1D pics: http://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/index.php?showtopic=40220#entry1085464

The top Super Valkyrie is the 1/55 1990-version with the funny visor: http://www.macrossworld.com/macross/toys/_bandai_super_vf1s.htm

Not really worthy, unless you're collecting really old stuff with the funny visor.

The bottom part Super/Strike Parts is only worth it if you have the actual 1/48 valkyrie.

The VF-0A is the new expensive Arcadia version. Here's Saburo's page for it: https://www.flickr.com/photos/projektzerothree/albums/72157657654234819

The Robotech Regult next to the 1/55 Super Valkyrie is trash. Don't bother with it. Just wait for the upcoming Bandai HM-R Regult instead.


btw, check out MWF's legacy toys-page for most of the old valks from various manufacturers:


It should help you out a bit wrt old valks and stuff.

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For what it's worth, I don't think $50 is that bad a price for them, considering what it might cost to get a new release of a v.2 now. Certain ones are still pretty cheap, but the popular ones demand quite a bit more in new condition.

At the height of production, some of the v.2s could be found for around $50-60 before shipping, but those were usually only on clearance sales, or the unassembled versions that you had to paint yourself.

To be fair though, they are quite a step down from the v.2 releases, in both quality and features. The cheapest I know of still readily available is probably the 30th anniversary Arcadia release, which I have seen sold here for pretty cheap. Beyond that, the next most available is probably the VF-1A brownie, which I think some sites still have a small stock of (I think HK Collectibles has them, or did recently).

Also, if that picture is from a pile of things you could potentially purchase, pick up that VF-1D pronto, that's quite a hard one to find these days. :)

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"Yamota" sounds like some knock-off brand. :lol:

Still, I'd rather have an old V1 Yamato than anything from Toynami.

Like others have said, you definitely want the newer V2 Yamato toys, but it's not going to be cheap getting them.

Hm "Yamota", I suddenly picture a world of macross toys filled with bootleged toys made by "yamota" and cost one-third to one-fourth of arcadia or even bandai offerings. But I'm not so sure if it's a world I wanted, though.

(Though this is an unlikely scenario, I've seen bootlegged bandai kits that is at least on par with the bandai ones, so who knows what the future holds for macross collecting)

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