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Unfortunately my latest move and a new job that means travelling, I have neither the time or the space for my Model Collection. A number of pieces have already been damaged, not the Macros so far luckily. But to preserve the rest I need to down size, so Robotech is on the list apart from a couple of favoured kits to be done in my retirement.

Robot Tech

Yes those are 2 not 1 Revel Robotech Factories
and the following are IMAI Macross
2 x Destroid Spartan's 1/72
1 x Regult Missile Carrier 1/100
1 x Destroid Tomahawk Iron Type 1/100
The reason these are not in the sales section, I have no up to date pricing on the Factories. So if anyone could give me some rough pricing that would be welcome.
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Is that Bronco II something you are getting rid of?

If so PM me with more details please!

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