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F-14 Tomcat


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Hey guys, I just thought I would show off my painting of an F-14 Tomcat from VF-84 Jolly Rogers screaming in for a landing on a carrier. As we all probably know, the F-14 is where the VF-0 and VF-1 get their inspiration, and the F-14 appears in Macross Zero as the F-14A+ Kai!

Also, I would like to shamelessly self promote my deviantart and my patreon account. If you like my stuff and want to get more, you can pledge to my patreon and have access to stuff I normally wouldn't upload. Both places are chock full of Macross art, so I hope you guys like em!




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Looks really good Falcon, love the proportions & shadows!! Is any of this hand drawn or a illustrator program?

When I draw, I first hand sketch the work onto paper before scanning and painting over it in photoshop.

That is just awesome! Very impressive work! You certainly have a special talent there!

That hits me right in the feels dude. Awesome work.

Swweeeeettttt. I like it!

Thanks for the kind words guys! Means a lot!

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