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Hi Everyone,

I'm selling a few of my Transformers pieces. I am looking for local buyers in the Orange County or Los Angeles Area of California. My collection is from a clean, smoke free home and were kept in storage boxes. Please PM me or email directly at soupaphone@yahoo.com Questions and comments are welcome. Thanks folks!

Cheers, Felix





Toys 'R Us Masterpiece MP-10 Optimus Prime SOLD

Toys 'R Us Masterpiece Grimlock SOLD

Toys 'R Us Masterpiece Rodimus SOLD

Toys 'R Us Masterpiece Prowl SOLD

Henki United Jetfire (Classics/Generations) SOLD

Henkei United Rodimus (Classics/Generations; Original Release) $50

Henkei United Hound (Classics/Generations) $60

Henkei United Tracks (Classics/Generation) $50

SDCC JETFIRE and HOUND Boxset $140

Transformers Prime Ultra Magnus SOLD

Fansproject Steel Core w/ Club Excl. Trailer & Orange Core $250

Fansproject Assaulter (Aka G1 Broadside) $110

Fansproject Warbot Defender (aka G1 Springer) $80

Fansproject Function X-01 'Code' Headmaster (aka Chromdome) $110

Fansproject X-03 'Smart Robin' Headmaster (aka Brainstorm) $100

Fansproject CA-10 T-Bone (aka Dead End) SOLD

Fansproject CA-09 Car Crash (aka Breakdow) SOLD

Fansproject CA-11 Down Force (aka Dragstrip) SOLD

Fansproject CA-12 Last Chance (aka Wild Rider SOLD

Marvel Select Hulkbuster (New comic book version) SOLD

Legendary Heroes Toy Biz Conan & Wrarrl pack SOLD

Matty Collector Oo-larr Subscription Exclusive w/ MAP $65

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