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FS: Elintseeker & Macross Plus Valks


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My hobbies have gone away from collecting, so I thought I would let some other people get more enjoyment out of my valks.

I live near Pittsburgh, PA and prefer payment via Paypal (buyer pays any fees).

YF-21 asking price $250!

YF-19 asking price $100!




Yamato 1/60 VF-11B with fast pack: $300 plus cost of shipping SOLD

I actually purchased the 19 and 21 off of people on this forum years ago so I can't really say how much or little they were transformed but, personally, I only transformed them once or twice. They are still in good shape, although the 19 is a little loose as is typical of this release/model.

A few more photos available here:


If you are an interested buyer and require additional pictures, please ask.

If you want to buy 2 or more Valks, we can discuss a price break.

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