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M+ ghost X-9


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  • 2 weeks later...

The first orders already shipped in the postal office told me due to the COVID-19 worldwide situation probably the deliveries will be delayed a little more than usual so take it into consideration

Also because of that can't include the stickers if in the near future are done we will see how send to all that already purchased

once again thanks to all that support the project

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That seems to be the normal response as of late. Many companies and individuals are issuing tracking numbers but beyond there control shipments could be delays much more than usual due to the bottleneck effect this is causing.

I hope everyone gets their kits.

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I have painted only the grey parts in metallic gun color and I am impressed by the display-ability of this kit, great work @valhary!

I plan to replace the missile doors with the stronger printed ones. I also broke the H-shape part that holds the opening latch, I will add to my toprint list.

I noted that the wings won’t hold their position well when swooshing the X-9 around but enough to be successfully displayed in any angle. 











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Sorry no plans to offer painted kits because that's increase the price 

so instead of that try to give the resin the color to keep the paint job at minimum but if you want apply a profesional look here in the forum there are a lot of members with amazing skills could help you

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@Metal Man I can have a look, I doubt shapeways would be cheap anyway. Perhaps if you are ok with a version without the supers it can be affordable. 

I was playing lego with my kids and couldn’t resist to modify my ghost so it could have swappable colored eyes! Unfortunately the original eye hole was a bit to tight so I had to slightly adjust the LEGO antenna to fit in. 

No glue required for this mod!











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