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Real world unit patch inspiration?


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Just wondering if the unit patch for the Macross Frontier Skull Squadron is in any way related to the 12th Infantry Division patch from WWII (My grandfathers division). Any input would be cool :) I find it interesting because the SMS Skull Squadron was not part of the main military body (NUNS?) and eventually became assimilated into it. The 12th Infantry Division was actually part of the Philippine Scouts, which then became assimilated into the US Army. Coincidence?

Macross Frontier Skull Squadron Patch


12th Infantry Division Patch


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Always thought it was "inspired" from this emblem....


This is actually a silhouette of a mammoth skull. The skull in the Skull Squadron patch is that of a Water buffalo. The head silhouette in the 12th Division patch is that of a water buffalo also. The other similarity is the red shield. providing the background.

Asian Water buffalo skull:


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It's possible I suppose. It's well known that the original Skull Squadron from SDFM was inspired by the VF-84 Jolly Rogers that famously flew the F-14 Tomcat. The Jolly Rogers are still around, though a different unit has taken on the name, heraldry and traditions (VF-104). It might have come from the 12th infantry Division patch, but whatever the inspiration, it's clear that it was intended to set the Macross Frontier Era Skull Squadron apart from the Original (which if I'm not mistaken was part of the Megaroad-01 fleet, and disappeared).

Interesting though. It's been pretty common among fans to dress up line art in real US Navy squadron colors, only changing the appropriate markings (the US roundel for the UN kite roundel, and US Navy/Marines/Air Force, markings with UN Navy/Marines/Air Force/Spacy ones).

But maybe JVMacross was onto something, with the stylized nature of the skull being reminiscent of the Mandalorian Skull. Maybe someone else has some ideas?

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