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Selling Various Figures - Macross/Play Arts/Takara


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Hi Collectors!

Please state the item on the subject header when inquiring via private message.

I'm restarting this sale page; my personal items for sale, some new, mostly used but in great condition. Gotta clear out space at home. All boxes and items are in great condition. Some are loose. I will be posting regularly. I’ll try to answer your questions in a timely manner, mostly during evenings. I’ll answer email injuries in order, thanks for looking!

Payment accepted is PayPal. Please send me a message if you're interested in purchasing any items and your zip code to properly get an accurate shipping cost. Buyer pays 3% PayPal on total cost of item(s) or send payment as a gift, unless noted as "SHIPPED".

Shipping is by USPS standard mail 2-10 days depending on buyer’s location. UPS ground may be necessary to save cost on larger items.

022 - Takara/Tomy - 2001 Re-Issue C-310 God Ginrai (Powermaster Optimus Prime) - $70 SHIPPED

Loose, in excellent shape. Hardly transformed, clean. My only note is that there are some scratches on the left leg of Optimus. Transformed once ... either that's from the production line or I made the scratches. Sticker sheets are unused, the large one has some wrinkles but still great. No original box.

​Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/c310/

023 - Matchbox - Zentradi Officer's Battledpod, Loose - $45 SHIPPED

In excellent shape, no pilot. Stickers applied. No original box.
Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/pod/

More Items To Be Posted Soon:

--- SOLD ITEMS ---

SOLD - Play Arts Kai (Revengeance) Raiden Blue SD Comic Con EXC - SOLD

New, Unopened.
Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/raidenblue/

SOLD - Play Arts Solid Snake MGS - $120 - SOLD

Opened, but in great condition. Hardly posed, complete. Box is in great shape.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/solidsnake/

SOLD - 021 - Yamato - Stand for 1/72, 1/60, 1/48 Valkyries - $50 SHIPPED - SOLD

Loose, in excellent shape. No original box.
Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/stand/

SOLD - 015 - Bandai 1/55 VF-1A Hikaru, Loose, 2001 Re-Issue - $40 SHIPPED - SOLD

Hardly transformed, unused stickers, unused ammo, original heat shield, and 1 extra custom heat shield.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/bvf1ah/

SOLD - 019 - Gakken Cyclone Loose with Stand - $70 SHIPPED - SOLD

In great shape, I'm second owner since 2006, transformed twice, no broken pieces. I only have a reprinted instruction. I do not have the original instruction manual.
Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/cyclone/

SOLD - 020 - Bandai Jetfire, 1984, with Armor - $60 SHIPPED - SOLD

In great shape, comes with armor, very clean, no stickers, no gun clip, no ammo. Some yellowing on front facing parts. Please see photos.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/jetfire/

SOLD - 017 - Bandai 1/55 VF-1A Cannon Fodder, Loose, 2001 Re-Issue - SOLD

In excellent shape, stickers used, unused ammo, original heat shield.
Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/bvf1ac/

SOLD - 018 - Bandai 1/55 VF-1J, Loose, 2001 Re-Issue - SOLD

In excellent shape, unused stickers, unused ammo, comes with custom heat shield. Comes with Jetfire armor, primed with gray paint. No forearm armors.
Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/bvf1j/

SOLD - 016 - Bandai 1/55 VF-1S, Loose, 2001 Re-Issue with JetFire Armor - SOLD

In excellent shape, stickers used, unused ammo, original heat shield, and 1 extra custom heat shield. Armor is from Jetfire, with matt black primer. This was suppose to be a custom, not forearm armors, they do not fit.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/bvf1s/

SOLD - 001 - Bandai 1/60 Perfect Grade Gundam 00 Raiser - SOLD

New model kit. Large box. Will ship via UPS ground.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/raiser/

SOLD - 004 - Yamato 1/48 VF-1 Regular GBP Armor - SOLD

Used, but also in great condition. All missiles are placed inside the compartments. Stickers unused.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/gbp/

SOLD - 005 - Yamato 1/48 VF-1J (1st Print) - SOLD

Used, displayed, and in great condition. There’s a slight scratch on the canopy. And unfortunately, when I was re-packing the figure, one of the damn missile pods broke upon placing back in the box. Stickers are unused.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/vf1j/

SOLD - 003 - Yamato 1/48 Stealth Super Strike Parts - SOLD

Used, but in great condition. Two single missiles are glued to the connector, I was irritated because they kept falling. Stickers and misses unused.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/stealth/

SOLD - 011 - Play Arts Ninja (Gray Fox) - SOLD

Opened, one side of the hip is slightly loose, complete. Box is in great shape.

Photos: http://stufficreate.com/macrossworld/ninja/

SOLD - 008 - Yamato 1/60 VF-1 Super Strike Parts - SOLD

Used, complete, box is in great condition.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/160strike/

SOLD - 007 - Yamato 1/60 VF-1S Low Visibility (intake covers missing) - SOLD

I’m trying to look for them, other than that, box is great, figure is great, complete, unused stickers.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/vf1slowvis/

SOLD - 006 - Yamato 1/48 VF-1S Hikaru (1st Print) - SOLD

Used, displayed, and in great condition. There’s a slight paint chip on the bottom right fin. Stickers are unused.

Photos: http://www.stufficreate.com/macrossworld/vf1s/

SOLD - DX YF-29 Durandal Valyrie, Isamu Ver, BIB - SOLD

Opened and displayed as valkyrie mode for a couple of months, never trans formed, stand put together, all parts back in the box, excellent condition.

SOLD - YAMATO Stand, New Opened - SOLD
Inspected with just the flap opened, never taken out of plastic trays, never used.

SOLD - Hot Toys Iron Man Avengers, Mark VII Battle Damage Exclusive - SOLD
MISB, New and unopened, shipper brown box will be shipped in another box. Buyer pays insurance.

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PMs answered, first set of item shipped this morning, the second set will be sent out tomorrow morning, and updates will be sent via PM. Thank you again, and sorry for the wait on some responses...I try to get at 'em when I get home from work.

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Thank you, ErikElvis, for the update! I'm glad it got there safe.

And for Everyone, just a heads-up, I'll be uploading some more for sale items: Bandai v2 1/55 valkyries loose, Gundam DX loose, 1/60 Gundams/Zakus soon, and Binaltechs (not sure if any of you guys/gals are fans)!

Thank you for looking!

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