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Evolution Toy - VF-2SS Valkyrie I 《MACROSS II ~LOVERS AGAIN~&#1


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I suppose "Aimee," "Eimee," or even "Eimii" is also possible... but "Amie" is definitely wrong.  It doesn't correspond to Japanese or English spelling conventions.

Looks like an easy fix, though.  Just print a new sticker.  ^_^

But what spelling would be most appropriate?

  • Traditional Western European (Amy Locke)?
  • Fashionably North American (Aimee Rock)?
  • Nihon-shiki Romanji (Eimii Rokku)?
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Eh..... love the overall look of the VF-2SS but man after watching so many reviews ET sure dropped the ball on this one and their Alpha fighters. So even at the 50-60% off I’m still on the fence. 

For those that have it, is it still worth getting even after the discount at hlj?

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