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Countdown until the Shogakukun Macross Package Art Collection Book is released! 

The countdown has finished!

Evolution Toy - VF-2SS Valkyrie I 《MACROSS II ~LOVERS AGAIN~&#1


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Dear Evolution Toys.... We all hope you see these pics and try to understand what an amazing toy yours COULD HAVE BEEN. 

@20max20 Everything about that Leg/intake section you made is super awesome and whether you wish to believe me or not, that is pretty much exactly how I pictured that section of the VF-2SS to look like and function, superb job! 



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Finally assembled. I’m really bad In taking pictures, looks better live.

first and last time in battroid just for you guys:


back to fighter mode, different angles. Front:









Front Side:


...and having fun during the first swooooshhhh!




...faster :D260683FE-B56A-434E-BF0B-98D38554CF91.thumb.jpeg.df5e6562fdf6093c9a3960c85e136e74.jpeg

hope you like it, it’s been a fun project :)

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thanks a lot guys! I'm far from being good enough to take commissions but I try my best :ph34r:

I really hope we will have soon a good toy of this design, maybe from Bandai. It is really nice and IT CAN BE DONE!

Anyway, back to today's update, as expected the part forming mod used for the Max custom is not only much faster, but also looks slimmer in fighter mode.

In summary the mod consist in:

BODY MOD - remove completely the piece that is the mechanism for the shoulder transformation as well as the blocking piece for the wings. Cut away all and just leave the remaining piece necessary to clip the metal bar of the legs in battroid mode. Carefully mark where the arms would connect if directly attached (shoulder joint) and place a good magnets there. Same near the end of the body (identical as for the Roy mod). backpack tail shortened strainght.


ARMS MOD - dirll in the hole for the screw (shoulder joint) and add the magnet. Magnet added also near the wrist (same as Roy mod but no epoxy putty modelling)


NOSECONE MOD - same as the Roy mod (so removal of the fin, epoxy putty and then magnet)


INTAKE MOD + LEG REPOSITIONING - same as the Roy mod.


Pictures of the assembled bird, you can see that the arms are sitting even closer to the body now, almost at the same level as the ending of the new designed air intake. Even if I prefer the overall proportion of the Roy better, I have to say I really like also this one. If I will ever decide to do another one, I'll do this mod.








Both together for comparison.




Next stepi s to sand down the connection points for the SAP (so the paint job will not be totally destroied...just a little bit :unsure:) and dress them up!


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I could ramble on & on yet all I'll say is that these look amazing & you did a superb job! 

Next step after the SAP is getting a Yeti-stand and a good display case. B))

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38 minutes ago, Sandman said:

The fairy version sold on mandarake for 28000yen. Crazy.

I bought a Faerie Squadron from HLJ when they had it for 13,000 yen (plus some bonus points) and the cheapest shipping possible. Still pricey given it's quality but no way I'd spend 28,000 yen. 

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Hi guys
last night I was watching on French TV on RMC discovery, a show on the largest vehicles ever built, and when I look at the generic, I saw something that surprised me
I find a link on youtube, watch at 38 seconds from the beginning




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On 6/19/2018 at 12:29 AM, kajnrig said:

Actually grabbed a Nexx when it went on sale so I can finally open one...although they look much more impressive MISB!

Looks like the sale is over on it now though....and only "one" is left....that one will not sell until maybe Black Friday! :rolleyes:

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46 minutes ago, type j9 said:

Hi guys
last night I was watching on French TV on RMC discovery, a show on the largest vehicles ever built, and when I look at the generic, I saw something that surprised me
I find a link on youtube, watch at 38 seconds from the beginning

Good eye!

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5 hours ago, valhary said:

Besides the pictures posted here is there any kind of instructions? 

Just received the intake kit but is not very clear to me the assembly and the disassembly of the valk parts that I have to follow:unsure:

"Intake kit"? Curious minds want to know. B))

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