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1/48th scale Millia's VF-1J + SoC Eva 6-unit set for sale


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I have a 1/48th scale VF-1J Millia ver. that I'm hoping to sell. Box is in good shape, stickers and instructions are still bagged and taped to the bottom of the inner box. Toy itself was displayed on a tripod stand and transformed to Gerwalk mode maybe once or twice but otherwise left in fighter mode. No smoking, not directly in UV light. Was dusted regularly and wiped off before being put back in its box but there might be a little bit of dust in a nook or cranny here or there despite my efforts.

Hoping for $300 shipped to anywhere in the US for it.

I also have a set of all 6 Soul of Chogokin Evangelion units. 00, 00 Kai, 01, 02, 03, and 04.

A few have loose joints, which just seems to be a problem they develop over time. Apparently you can pop off the screw covers and tighten the screws to fix that, I haven't personally done so. Unit 03's battery pack is missing its lower clip to hold it onto the fin but includes a second battery pack that also only has the upper clip. Most of the entry plugs have varying degrees of yellowing, not sure why since they weren't in direct sunlight. Unit 04 includes a second set of hands that are black instead of purple but is missing one of them. All of the original purple hands are present. Unit 01 is also missing its secondary horn IIRC. All boxes are in good shape, including the Styrofoam inserts to hold the Eva units.

Hoping to get $300 for the set of six, shipped anywhere in the us, but am willing to haggle.

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