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Giant God Warrior appears in Tokyo. Nassicaa inspired.

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Not sure if this has been posted before as this is my first time seeing it. I thought this was pretty damn cool!

If its already been posted at some point, do what ya gotta do Mods! B))

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It's been around for a while. It's a good short, a very interesting merging of old and new special effects. But why I really like this short film is because it's a reminder why we can't go back, speaking in terms of filmmaking and effects. It shows the absolute pinnacle you could achieve using these old techniques, but they can't go beyond that. My 10 year-old self would have killed for something like this back in the day, but I'm really glad I didn't have to watch the new Godzilla like this :)

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Yeah, I saw this on the big screen a couple of years back, as part of the touring Tokusatsu exhibition. The "making of" exhibit for this movie was also incredible. You think the glowing gold dust that appears near the start is CG, bu nope, that's optical, too!! Oh, that's Megumi Hayashibara doing the narration, by the way.

For those who don't know, Hideaki Anno (Evangelion among others) and Shinji Higuchi (umm, Macross Plus, among many others!!) made this film. Higuchi is directing the live-action Attack on Titan and Anno has just been picked as director for the new Godzilla movie. This may give us a hint as to what we will be getting from Japan in the next few years!

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